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Thoughts On Phil Collins/ VH1 “Rock Honors”

Posted by bmac on June 2, 2007

I like to over-analyze things. Most people could watch this stupid show, and just enjoy it for the mindless entertainment it’s supposed to be. But no… not me. I get filled with a seething resentment, due to my massive insecurity, and general disdain for the incessant boot-licking of washed-up pop stars .

A little background, I am an ex-musician, never professional, but played in rock bands for about 25 years. This is key, as it helps explain my bitterness, but I am also a fan of music, which also helps explain my bitterness. And I’m bitter. Very very bitter. A deep black creeping bitterness, a bitterness as…well you get it.

Back to Rock Honors. Today I will be over-analyzing Genesis, and Phil Collins. But mostly Phil Collins, as Genesis, before he took over the reigns, was just a cult prog-rock band that only musicians and record store geeks cared about. Actually, they were pretty good when Peter Gabriel was in the band, and they had a gravitas that Phil Collins immediately set about destroying as soon as those pesky artistic types were gone.

Now, if you weren’t around in the 80’s, or you were, and maybe don’t remember just how HUGE Phil Collins was, It’s almost hard to explain. He was OMNIPRESENT. He was Michael Jackson huge. There just aren’t any stars today to even compare him to. Remember, in Phil’s time, there was no internet, no sattelite radio, hardly anyone even had cable T.V. You basically had terrestial radio, movies, and network T.V. And Phil was on all of it, all the time. For about 4 years.

Genesis put out a record about every year and a half, from ’82 to about ’87, and each one had 3-4 hit songs on it. In those days, 1 album by a superstar band like Genesis, would have “legs”, that is, you would hear the hits from that album relentlessly for a solid year. Now, in between those wonderful Genesis albums, we would get a Phil Collins solo album, which was basically a Genesis album, but Phil didn’t have to share the money with those pesky musicians. Each Phil Collins album had a good 2-3 hits, which we would have to hear relentlessly for a solid year, until the new Genesis album came out. And the cycle repeated, for like 4 years.

Ok, the radio was locked up, all Phil Collins all the time. But that wasn’t enough for Phil. No, not even close. He also had to be on everybody else’s records too, and in their videos. He was in “The Honeydrippers”, he was on Phillip Bailey’s record and video, “Easy Lover.” remember that? he was on Miami Vice, he made a stupid movie, “Buster”, he was the only artist at Live Aid that played Wembley and Philadelphia. Remember? He took the Concord, so the world wouldn’t be deprived of having 5 minutes without Phil Collins. I’m sure a lot of Ethiopians owe their life to him. Like I said, he was OMNIPRESENT.

So here we are, VH1 Rock Honors, to honor Genesis, but really to honor Phil Collins, cause Peter Gabriel, or Steve Hackett were no where in sight. No one really cares about the other 2 dudes, and they didn’t play any of their material from the early years when they were good. We got “the hits” that were part of that horrible cycle I mentioned earlier. I’m sure normal people were able to enjoy it. But not me. Not me. Cause I’m bitter. Very Bitter. Very very bitter. A bitterness that stares blankly from the abyss, lika a….well you get it.

5 Responses to “Thoughts On Phil Collins/ VH1 “Rock Honors””

  1. Sue Suddio said

    you are a dick. susususuddio.

  2. bmac said


  3. dark angel of mischeif said

    Phil Collins was never in “The Honeydrippers” . . . Where you get your information from, son?? The members of the now-defunct honeydrippers are:

    * Robert Plant – vocals
    * Jimmy Page – guitars
    * Jeff Beck – guitars
    * Robbie Blunt – guitar
    * Brian Setzer – guitar
    * Andy Sylvester – guitar
    * Jim Hickman – bass
    * Kevin O’Neil – drums
    * Ricky Cool – harmonica
    * Keith Evans – saxophone
    * Paul Shaffer – keyboard
    * Nile Rodgers

    Now, not all of the members listed above were with the band at all times. Granted, they played a limited amount of shows and the tour was cut short due to personal issues with both Beck & Plant, BUT, No Phil Collins, ever, not ever. . . Regardless of what you THINK you know, or espouse to know, . . . it simply did not ever happen. There is noone taht you can call to validate your statement because it didn’t happen. From one musician to another. . . and I know my music. . . it just did not happen. I’m sorry but you’re wrong, it never happened.

  4. bmac said

    So, are you saying it never happened? I’m not quite sure if I’m clear on that. You’re statement there was so ambivalent, I’m just not sure if I’m getting what you’re trying to say.

    • Jane said

      Basically, what they are saying is that you have ZERO knowledge about which you speak and it would be in your best interest to just stop making comments not based on facts. (Or, at the very least, use Google to do your research before posting erroneous information). That is all.

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