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Posted by bmac on June 4, 2007

Putin warns he will point missiles at Europe, if the U.S. pursued it’s plan to put Shields in Poland and the Czech Republic, and then went on to say “The U.S.? Those guys are fags!” Please read the last sentence with the Jeff Spiccoli surfer dude accent.

This is just the latest incident of yet another tyrannical head of state pounding his chest at America, joining Kim Jung Il, Achmawhatisname, Hugo Chavez, et al. Dissing the U.S. is the hot new craze, all the kewl kids are doin it.

Why is that? I have my theory. People say we are more hated around the world than ever before. I doubt that. We’ve always been hated. For too many reasons to list here. The difference now is not that we’re hated, but that we’re not respected. And by respect, I mean fear. There is not a country on Earth, that fears the U.S. in 2007.

And why should they? We are the “nice guys” of Superpowers. If Superpowers were “Friends,” we’d be Ross. We would never, in 2007, unleash the full power of our military on any country, for any reason. I fully believe, that even if a nuke went off in a major city, we would not retaliate, unless we had undisputed proof, that one single foreign government, acted with malice, to detonate said bomb. And that’s never gonna happen. Our enemies know better.

People feared Ronald Reagan. There was little doubt in our enemies minds, that Reagan would have no problem dropping a nuke, if he had to. Would he have? We will never know, and that’s the beauty of it. Our enemies feared he would. No one fears George Bush. Iraq has guaranteed that. Why we went in there can be debated till the cows come home, I personally feel it was justified. I believe however, that Bush went in there to create fear. Fear that we would actually do something. And it worked….for about 3 weeks. Remember, Kudaffi gave up his nuke program? For a few weeks, the middle east thought Bush was the “cowboy” that Reagan was, or was feared to be.

What went wrong? Well, let’s face it, this is a complex war, in that we are not at war with Iraq, the Country. we deposed a dictator. Because of that, the “Rules of War” are hard to bring into play. The Rules of War being: kill people and break stuff. Obviously, we can’t really do that in this situation. Or can we? Things started going wrong once Saddam was deposed, and we became “the nice guys.” Insurgents and terrorists started to attack us. But we never responded with brutal force, which could have killed many civilians. Why not? Cause we’re “nice guys,” and our enemies know it. The most they have to fear from us if they get captured, is a stern talkin‘ to. Not very scary. They also have devoted allies in our own media, who wait like Pavlov’s Dog, for our military to do something not nice, so they can scream to the world what monsters we are. So, at the end of the day, the mission is: Be Nice. At all costs.

Of course this is a bit of an over-simplification, but it’s basically true. If we had say, leveled Fahlujah, after an outbreak of attacks against our troops, I think things would be a little different now. But we didn’t, and as things are now, our enemies can pick-off our guys, 10,20,100 a month, for as long as they want, without fear. And now every dictator and despot on the planet can smell the blood in the water. We are weak. We are not willing to do the unthinkable. We would rather you like us than be afraid of us, and that is a very dangerous place to be.

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