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The Aristocrats

Posted by bmac on June 9, 2007

I don’t care much about Paris Hilton. Who I do find interesting are her parents, Rick and Kathy. I’ve never seen a family display their shortcomings so publicly, except for maybe the Kennedy’s, but the Kennedy’s wealth was built on crime, so I don’t expect much from them. The Hilton name used to bring to mind a hotel baron, a savvy business man, an empire builder.
Now it brings to mind the first thing that it brought to your mind when you saw the name Hilton above.

Which brings me to Rick and Kathy. Not only do they seem to have no shame, they seem to beam with pride at the vapid, soulless, sperm depository, that is their daughter. It’s nothing new for a wealthy heiress to have a debauched lifestyle, but the elite used to have the common decency to keep it on the down-low. It seems to me, the Hiltons revel in the appalling hedonistic atrocity that is Paris’s life.

Kathy is clearly the typical shallow trophy wife, so the one I wonder about is Rick. As a man, how does he feel when he’s at the country club, or a restaurant, and every guy there has ogled his little girl having sex? Like any other porn star. Is that what he wanted for her? How empty do you have to be to not be mortified at her behavior? I’m pretty sure Rick is not ashamed of being a dismal failure as a father, and especially of his dismal failure to be a man. I’m pretty sure Rick is not ashamed of the family name being turned into a punchline. And most of all, I’m pretty sure Rick is not ashamed of his baby girl almost single-handidly lowering the bar for all the young girls in this country, so that real men, men who actually have pride, have to work that much harder to raise responsible daughters.

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