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David Chase Sucks

Posted by bmac on June 11, 2007

I knew it. I knew the Sopranos were gonna screw us. The last episode was one big middle finger to the fans of this show, which isn’t surprising, considering the last 2 seasons have been phoned in. Here’s an idea, if your going to film people and events, maybe try to have a silly little cliched thing like a story. I know, I know, this is edgy, artistic, pushing the envelope, make your own rules, HBO kind of TV. But come on, make a little concession to the fans. Give us something. A season of this show, is usually 13 episodes, every 2 years. Is this the best they could come up with? The last 2 seasons of this show have been packed with non-events, building up to…nothing. It’s like they went out of their way to convey that mob life is mostly mundane. We definitely got it. 070607_gandolfini_hmed_4p_hmedium.jpg

I’m not asking for earth-shattering revelations, just maybe a little payoff. Just a little. Some say they are trying to keep things open for a movie. Some people pay for HBO just for the Sopranos, now they should part with more money? What can they do in a movie that they couldn’t do on HBO? I, and many others feel bamboozled. Maybe that’s the point.

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