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Failed Comedienne To Replace Failed Comedienne On The View

Posted by bmac on June 11, 2007

Only in Hollywood can you fail upwards. Whoopie is allegedly replacing Rosie. What is it about failed female comics that they have to go into some sort of political commentary? Rosie, Whoopi, Garofolo, even Kathy Griffin is getting in on the act lately. I actually think Griffin is funny, when she’s not talking politics. Whoopi? Not funny. Not even slightly amusing. If you have ever laughed at Whoopi, you are suffering a severe case of white guilt. I’m not aware of a single “hit” she has ever been involved in. She was sort of the female Rob Schieder in the 80’s, with a couple of semi-successful movies that all had the same plot. Nothing I would call a hit. To prove my point, quick, off the top of your head, name one Whoopie Goldberg movie.

Rosie’s career was even more dismal. As a comic, she was notorious for plagiarizing, and then murdering jokes. Anyone remember her movie career? Emilio Estevez laughs at her movie career. And he shouldn’t, because he was in some of her “movies.” The only thing she ever did that could be called remotely successful was her daytime talk show. And that’s because she was completely phony. Remember “the queen of nice”? The “crush” on Tom Cruise? Why is this utter failure getting paid millions? Because she’s fat. and a lesbian. A bi-fecta the hollywood establishment loves to push on us. We’re supposed to like her. Even though she sucks. Remember when Ellen Degeneres did a romantic comedy? With a man? She was clearly gay, but Hollywood just had to put her in a movie that would surely tank, because, well because she was gay, and we’re supposed to like her. Same thing with Whoopi. Whoopi has a trifecta, black, gay(I think), and let’s just say un-attractive. You have to love that, it’s the right thing to do. Even if she sucks.

These women will always be employed despite their stunning lack of  any discernable talent.

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