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Posted by bmac on June 23, 2007

If anyone actually reads this crap, I was on vacation for a week, hence no brilliantly inspired posts. (I don’t have a laptop). Back to work today, so here we are.

As I was leaving the house this morning, MTV was on. A show called “my super sweet sixteen” or something like that. It’s a type of reality show about rich girls’ sweet 16 parties. I watched a bit of it, and it struck me, how MTV has become the most subversive cultural media out there.

I don’t consider myself prudish or uptight, I used to love MTV. When it started, I was about 15 or 16, and to me and my friends, it was the greatest thing ever. That was a long time ago. Somewhere along the way, MTV became a guidebook for kids to become self-indulgent, drunken idiots. I still check in on MTV, but now I find I just become infuriated with it. If I had kids, it would be verboten in my house.

Let’s look at some of the programming on MTV:

My Super Sweet 16 – A show that basically shows every young girl in the country what they will never have. An orgy of over-indulgence that would make the Hiltons blush. These “parents” spend literally millions on one party for a spoiled 16 year-old girl. It’s one thing if you can afford to do that, but what I find repulsive is these people flaunting their wealth, and their future rehab-visiting demon children, who find nothing inappropriate in their pathetic behavior.

Jackass- It’s normal for kids to try stupid stunts, but these guys made it mandatory. I’d like to see the stats on how many kids have been killed trying to emulate some of those stunts. I bet there have been more than a few. Not that they wouldn’t do some of that stuff anyway, but why encourage it. I think all these new cell-phone filmed assaults on kids who get the crap beat out of them are just one of the by-products of this show. The Dukes of Hazzard movie is another.

Cribs- Another show where kids can see all the cool stuff they probably will never have, like Master P’s son who has a new pair of $200 sneakers for every day of the year. Most of the people on Cribs are rappers I’ve never even heard of, who all have 20 room mansions and a fleet of Bentleys. I have a suspicion that most of those guys rent that stuff for the day. You can make alot of money in music, but it takes years to collect it all, even for established artists. Shaq with a 30,000 sq ft mansion I can understand, Camron? Not so much. The lesson?-It’s all about the stuff baby.

The Real World- I used to like this show, the first few seasons. They actually tried to put really different people together, the virgin, the hick, the socially conscious black dude, the crazy dude, a gay guy or girl. Now, they just get the most beautiful, emotionally damaged kids they can find, and supply all the booze they can guzzle, and exploit the hell out of them. Although they don’t seem to mind at all. This show is a revolting display of self indulgent drunken nitwits. But they look great! Being on the real world becomes a career for these buffoons, as they are always invited to collages(!) for speaking engagements, for like 5 grand a pop. At least you know your kid at UCLA is learning from the best and brightest.

There are at least 20 more just like these, or worse. When they actually play videos, it’s the same stuff in 3 minute packages. Gangsta, Bling, Ho’s, Pimps, Pimp-Cups,Weed, Bentleys. Sandwiched between these things, are commercials for condoms, anti-smoking anti-tobacco ads, and a heavy emphasis on Eco-Stuff, because MTV cares about your kid, they really do.

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