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Things That Baffle Me Today

Posted by bmac on June 27, 2007

I guess Tina Brown has some new book about Princess Di out that is a best seller, and the 2 sons of Di were on TV this week also, probably garnering huge ratings. For the life of me, I cannot understand the fascination with this woman. Why in the world do Americans care about this stuff? Is it just women who feed this never-ending Princess Di machine? The Royals are so boring, I’m getting sleepy just writing her name. I mean, at least useless American celebrity tabloid fodder actually do stuff, like get drunk, drive, go to jail. But the Royals just sit there, like stick people and……….Whoops, fell asleep. If you care at all about Princess Di, or any Royal family member, I suggest you slit your wrists immediately, because your life is too boring to carry on. Make sure to feed the cats first.

John Kerry wants to bring back the Fairness Doctrine. Why dosen’t he just tattoo the Soviet Hammer and Sicle on his forehead? Who votes for this emasculated, effeminate, woman-man? All politics aside, at least Bush is a Dude. What’s wrong with Massachusetts? Is it populated with latte-drinking, Oprah-watching, Metro-sexual, Girly-men who vote for this tool? If you’re a man, and you find one redeeming quality in John Kerry, you should go right out and get a pair of leather chaps, highlight your hair, and get a rainbow bumper sticker for your Prious.


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