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Seperating The Art From The Artist

Posted by bmac on July 10, 2007

There was a thread about the Beatles at Ace’s that I found interesting. There was a lot of vitriolic Beatle-Hate going on, mostly attached to their counter culture status, and general loathing by conservatives of hippie’s. Conservatives have a major problem separating the art from the artist. I do too sometimes, for example, I cannot stand to look at Sean Penn’s stupid face. Or Tim Robbins. Or Danny Glover. But those guy’s career’s are long over. So I’m OK with them, mostly. Sean Penn ain’t no Johnny Depp, know what I mean? No one’s gonna put Sean Penn in a 100 million dollar movie. Those guys don’t matter, in the scheme of things.
I hate hippies. Really bad. But I love hippie music. Love the Grateful Dead, I even like Phish (one album). I think John Lennon was a total tool, and his solo career was dismal, at best, but when he wrote with Paul? Pure genius.
I myself am an ex-musician, and having spent most of my life around musicians and artists, know what makes them tick. They are incredibly insecure, and are pretty much terrified of reality. Kinda like Conspiracy Theorists. They were the kids that were picked on and bullied in school. Your not gonna see many Rock Stars or Painters that were star quarterbacks. Actors maybe, but I don’t consider the majority of them to be artists. They live in a dream world, where simple tasks like having a job, are almost too much to bear. And they’re incredibly lazy. I personally know guys that are pushing 50, who’ve never had a real job, never really made it in music, and still live like 24 year olds, in crappy apartments, driving disposable cars, because you know, they’re “married to music man.” And they’re angry, really angry. Most great art and music is born from anger. Happy people make crappy art.
Most artists are pretty clueless, and sometimes that’s exactly what makes great art, being able to dis-connect from reality. Because someone is a complete loon, doesn’t mean they can’t create meaningful art.

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