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Posted by bmac on July 20, 2007

Big post at Ace’s about Carlos Mencia, or Ned Holman, or whatever his name is. I love this stuff, because I’m a big fan of comedy, and what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t criticize entertainers? More than a few names kept coming up, so I want to get my two cents in. Here we go, the official “is this thing on”(incidentally, the title of my blog refers to what a comic says when they are bombing) list of the worst comedians:
Robin Williams– So predictable, it’s literally not even funny. He’s been doing the same tired shtick for 30 years. Watching him getting interviewed, is like a form of torture, especially for the interviewer, who has to laugh uncomfortably at Williams frantically throwing 50 jokes a minute at the wall to see what sticks.
Bill Hicks-Probably the most over-rated comic since Lenny Bruce(also not funny). Being dead gives you a lot of gravitas. I recently watched a documentary about Hicks, hosted by another terrible comic, Janeane Garafolo. The tone of the show, was that Hicks was a comic genius who was ahead of his time, and nobody would book him because he was too “controversial”. They showed plenty of clips, and here’s the gist: Rush Limbaugh and George Bush(41), and Ronald Reagan are The Devil. Genius. And he was baffled why no one would book him. Although comedy, like all great art, is based on anger, the trick is to make that anger funny. Blurting out stuff like “Republicans are eeevil!” is just idiotic. Instantly alienating at least half of your potential audience, is not what I would call genius.
Janeane Garafolo-Ugh. She just sucks so bad, I can’t even analyze it. Another comic that can’t separate anger from funny. She rode that “Edgy Grunge Chick” thing for all it was worth, too bad the ’90s are over Janeane. Of course, where do all pissed off unfunny comics go? Political commentary. Which brings me to:
Bill Maher– The only funny thing about Maher is the size of his melon, which is like an orange on a toothpick. It’s like Sputnik, it’s got it’s own weather system! I can steal jokes too. Being a smug, arrogant asshole is inherently unfunny, especially when you look like a Smurf. A complete failure until he went into the safety zone of failures, Political “humor.” That leads us to:
Al Franken-An also-ran for almost 20 years on SNL. While amazing talents like Joe Piscopo and Rob Schnieder sailed past him, Al ran to the promised land of, well you know.

I got more…

Billy Crystal-Most people don’t consider Billy a standup, but that’s how he started, and he’s equally unfunny when he “acts.” You can tell Billy’s probably a total dick in real life, it just ooozes out of him. Another really angry guy, also doing the same stupid Robin-esqe accents and mugging for the last 30 years. Hey Billy, do that hilarious Sammy Davis Jr. impression again. Or the old black jazz guy. Billy’s like the last of the “catskill” type vaudevillians.

I’ll have more, cause this is fun, but I’m goincampin‘ for the weekend.
Also, a best comedians list.

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