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Dis-Honorable Mention (Bad Comics part 2)

Posted by bmac on July 23, 2007

Back from camping, and just want to finish off my worst comics list with minimal commentary, or dis-honorable mention.
David Cross– Only funny as an ensemble player. His stand-up sucks.
Dane Cook– I must be too old to appreciate Dane Cook, because he ain’t all that.
Kathy Griffin– I used to like her, until her reality show, (yes I watched it, shut up) showed what a nasty person she really is. I believe she would blow a dog in Times Square if it paid enough. Especially despicable because she performed with the USO, and now bad-mouths the war.
Margret Cho– See Ace of Spades.
Andrew Dice Clay– One joke, 20 years.
Whoopie Goldberg-30 years of not bringin’ the funny.
That about covers it for now, I’m sure I’ll think of twenty more as soon as I turn off my computer.
Next, the best.

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