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The Best

Posted by bmac on July 23, 2007

OK, my list of the best comics:
Bill Cosby– The Master. Cosby appeals to everyone, all economic and ethnic groups, funny without being vulgar, great story teller, he’s the best.
Jerry Seinfeld– Almost Cosby’s equal in apealing to everyone, probably the most imitated comic of the last 20 years.
George Carlin– Lately, he has kind of lost it, but in his prime, amazingly original. His wordplay is genius. He has become a bitter old man, and if his last couple of HBO specials are any indication, he may be on his way to the worst list.
Eddie Izzard-His stand-up is like a history lesson, and “Cake or death” alone pretty much puts him in the Pantheon.
Eddie Murphy-The leather suit movies, “Delirious”, and “Raw” are classics. My friends and I still quote from those, 20 years later.
Chris Rock-“Bring the pain” is awesome, one of the best stand-up’s ever filmed. Too bad he couldn’t bring it that good again. Been going downhill ever since.
Steve Martin Circa 1977– I can’t stand him now, but he was awesome in the white suit days.
Carrot Top– Ok, I know what your’e thinking, bmac, you’ve just lost all credibility. But I have to be honest, my wife got us tickets to see him, and I was skeptical to say the least. I then laughed harder than I ever have, at any comic, ever. I thought maybe it was the drinks, or maybe I was tired or punchy, so we invited friends to go see him, our treat. They laughed harder than they ever have, at any comic. Saw him a third time, same thing. I know he’s the punching bag of comedians, but seriously, props or not, that dude is funny.

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