A Fine Line Between Stupid And Clever

Now With Electrolytes!


Posted by bmac on July 31, 2007

I was going to post on this “So You Think You Can Dance” controversy, but Ace beat me to it. Also, I wasn’t sure I wanted to admit I watched this show. I have an excuse though, as my wife’s sister is a choreographer, so I kind of have to watch it. I will admit I like it, but I clean my guns and lift weights, and smoke cigars while I’m watching it. Just kidding, I don’t lift weights.
This show is good family entertainment, the dance version of American Idol. But last week they just had to do an anti-war dance, to John Mayer’s “Waiting for the world to change.” With the obligatory white clothes (surrender?) and Peace Sign on their shirts, each dancer did the same solo dance to the same song, which, by the end of the show, made me declare war on John Mayer. The whole thing just seemed horribly out of place. I get the dancers and choreographers thinking this would be just the coolest thing evah, but the producers clearly have no clue who watches this show, namely, the same people who watch American Idol, many of whom have family in the military, and enjoy this show as I do, a pleasant distraction. A dance competition is pretty much the last place you should be making Political Statements. How do you get to the point where you’re producing one of the biggest shows on TV, and be that stupid?

Apparently, the Common Sense gene, has been bred out of most people, I see it all the time. The Michael Vick thing comes to mind, a promising career thrown away, millions of dollars that could have supported that idiot and his family for generations, gone, so a bunch of thugs could feel like bad-asses, fighting dogs. By the way, anyone that could do the things those assholes did to dogs, like electrocuting them, and throwing them off bridges, would absolutely do the same thing to humans.
I see it at work all the time too. I own a business in a shopping center, that has a big chain store as an anchor. As a result, shopping carts everywhere. These shopping carts have a magnetic lock in the wheel, that engages when the wheel passes a line under the asphalt. Every day I watch people with one bag in the shopping cart, and, as the wheel locks up, instead of taking out that one bag, just push really hard on that shopping cart, till they get to their car. Because, God forbid, they may have to actually carry a bag. Or, in a display of ignorance and selfishness, they like to park the cart, with the one bag, directly in front of my door. Literally, in front of my door, so you can’t get in. Then just leave it there. Totally oblivious. Every morning I come to work, and I see what looks like a herd of shopping carts, that were suddenly stricken down, in their prime, en masse, by some mysterious shopping cart plague.
Anyway, oh yeah, Politics on a dancing show is stupid.

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