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Posted by bmac on July 31, 2007

22_suburbia1.jpg Watched an HBO show called “Weeds” last week. A show about a widow, who is a pot dealer in her up-scale suburban neighborhood. Heard a lot of good things about it, so got it on Netflix. Have to say I was a little disappointed. I suppose it had it’s moments, but it’s become so predictable to portray the suburbs as a bunch of desperate white people, who are utterly soulless. I guess because living in a nice house and having a job somehow sucks all the morality and decency right out of you. On Weeds, the voice of reason is provided by the drug dealing black family that sells the weed to the widow. All the employed white people are total basket cases, that are either secretly gay, cheating, or getting cheated on, or just have to be high all the time to deal with, I guess, having a job and living in a nice house.

This suburb bashing has been going on for as long as I can remember. Movies like Edward Scissorhands had montages of pastel colored “McHouses” with husbands all leaving and coming home from work at the same time, and Weeds has this same type of montage in the opening credits. Other movies like American Beauty, one called Suburbia, TV shows like Desperate Housewives, the list goes on and on, all with the same message: The Suburbs are soul-killing wastelands, that turn parents into secretly gay, serial-cheating, drug-addled lunatics, and children into zombie-like apathetic drug-addled whiners. Most of the Grunge movement in the ’90s was also based on this premise.

5 Responses to “Suburbia”

  1. alexanderfretheim said

    May I use the image? I am the owner of a right-populist political-cultural-social commentary and occasionally theological blog called “Hailing from Georgia” (hailingfromgeorgia.blogspot.com) and was wondering also what the source, license, et cetera of your picture is. I will hold my blogpost until I hear your reply, and if I can’t use it I will delete the image. Thank you for your time. My email is afretheim777@gmail.com

  2. John said

    The imagery above is captured well by a song written and performed by legendary rock group RUSH called “Subdivisions” – home builders ocala

  3. Yea, that’s my photo I took it in Chilliwack, BC, Canada, overlooking a suburban estate beneath Promontory. Use it for whatever you want. It’s public domain. 🙂

  4. Mark said

    I totally agree. Sure, there are better ways to build, especially sustainably, and we’re getting there, but I find all the criticism against suburbia baseless. People just want to blame all kinds of social problems on it, when hey, I loved it because I could easily bike to my friends’ houses within a few minutes of each other. If it hadn’t been for suburbia, I wouldn’t have been able to make and maintain what became great friendships of mine. Cookouts and neighborhood get togethers wouldn’t have existed, especially in a comfortable, removed area. And there’s just enough privacy for your own life. A good balance. To me relationships and friendships are where the soul is, and suburbia gave me those.

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