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They Will Save The World!

Posted by bmac on July 5, 2007


So Al Gore is out pimping his “Live Earth” concerts, that I’m sure will finally bring some attention to something we rarely hear about; Global Warming. At long last, this under-reported looming catastrophe will get the spotlight it deserves, and believe me, when Madonna and Coldplay talk about this stuff from a concert stage, people will listen. In between setting bonfires, drinking copious amounts of beer, and groping crowd-surfers, the concerned concert-goers will definitely get some sort of message, of some sort of problem, that they will really want to fix, as soon as the beer is gone. I have no doubt that they will change the world! Rock on socially conscious drunken bonfire setting crowd surfer groper dude, Rock on!

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Posted by bmac on July 3, 2007

Just saw Chris Matthews on the Today show furiously spinning the commutation of Libby’s prison sentence. The fact that anyone considers that spittle-faced hyper-partisan a “journalist” is laughable. Meredith Viera had to interview him from behind an umbrella, as every time he mentioned Bush, the torrent of hate filled saliva grew to CAT 5 proportions. NBC trots out this blubbering insufferable jackass as a “reporter” on shows like Today, when he’s clearly a commentator, like O’Reilly or Hannity. You never see them on other Fox shows “reporting” news. It’s one thing if Matthews spews his KOS talking points on his own show, but to subject unsuspecting hausfraus waiting for tips on what shoes to wear for fall, to his frothing, gaping maw, is just plain cruel.

P.S. I’m not sure commutation is a word.

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