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The Elephant In The Room

Posted by bmac on August 1, 2007

Quick thought on why these two have a snowballs chance in hell of ever getting elected as President, either individually, or on a combo ticket.I know it’s hard to believe, but Hillary is a woman. I don’t care what any poll says, we are not ready for a woman President, and even if we were, she would have to be extraordinary, and extraordinary, she is not. She can’t even keep her husband satisfied. When Americans walk into that voting booth, women as well as men, will not pull the handle for her. I don’t care what her social policies are, she going to have a hard time getting the black vote, no matter how “ghetto” she tries to talk. Hispanics? Good luck. Sorry, but those cultures aren’t real big on women having power, and that’s just a fact. Who the President is, has pretty much zero impact on black and hispanic communities, no matter what Democrats say. I think men in general, even metro-sexual Democrat men, will reach down, do a sack-grab, and vote against her so fast it will make your head spin. I don’t think women of any substance have the least bit of respect for another woman who lets her husband run around like a slobbering dog, let alone vote her into the most powerful job in the world. Of course the media will never even consider talking about this stuff, to them, it’s just a given that we’re past all that. I don’t think we are.

Obama has a similar problem. For a black man to have a realistic shot, he better be extraordinary as well, and he ain’t. Racism will be an insurmountable obstacle for Obama, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. And he doesn’t have enough substance to fight it off.

That’s just my opinion, and we’ll see, but the Dems are living in a dreamworld of rainbows and unicorns if they think they got a shot with these two. And if they run on the same ticket? Even worse. They would lose in a landslide, even to Ron Paul.

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