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Posted by bmac on August 6, 2007

From Ace of Spades, A partial list of pork:
With bridges collapsing and the national debt expected to reach $9 trillion in weeks, Congress continues its spending spree.
$200,000 earmark to finance a single bus in Michigan
$200,000 to reconstruct a parking lot in Massachusetts
$300,000 to renovate an amusement park in Texas
$50,000 to establish the National Mule and Packer Museum in California
$250,000 to expand a parking garage in California
$250,000 for a community center at the county fairgrounds in Ohio
$265,000 for a cinema in Massachusetts
$200,000 for a new artificial field in Massachusetts
$1,000,000 to extend a rail trail by 14 miles
$200,000 to relocate a library in Connecticut

This is the stuff that almost makes me want to become a libertarian.
Something that always stuck in my craw, is the cost of the Iraq war. Something like a billion dollars a week? Not exactly sure, but close to that, and it’s hard to find info on it that isn’t anti-war propaganda. Regardless, we are paying for this, with no sacrifice on the home front. No war bonds, no recycling for the war effort, no nothing. (double negative, I know). So, we can spend all that scratch, without any type of squeeze on social, or municipal programs. If that’s the case, which it appears to be, where was all that money going before the war?
That alone, aside from the asinine amount of pork, it becomes painfully obvious that we’re already paying far more taxes than we should be.
Which brings me to Democrats. One reason why I could never vote Democrat, the thing that’s the most obvious to me, is the fact that when you vote for a Democrat, the ONE THING you are guaranteed, is a tax hike. Whether it’s local, state, or federal. Guaranteed. Every time. Of all their promises, that’s the one that you can count on. When is it enough? For Democrats, never. Why would you vote for that? It’s like saying “Gee, what on earth am I going to do with all this money? Let’s see, I could buy a car, or a house, or put my kid through college, buy a Picasso, fill my pool with Jello……Nah, I’d rather vote Democrat, and pay taxes till I’m anally hemorrhaging.”

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