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Flight 93 Memorial Honors Hijackers

Posted by bmac on August 8, 2007


From Nice Deb, here.

This is a disgrace. It’s akin to putting a Swastika shaped “memorial” at Auschwitz.

Just the fact that this design was submitted, let alone implemented, is troubling to say the least. Clearly, the agenda was to have an anti-American design. There’s one in Arizona, and they’re trying to do the same at Ground Zero.

Even calling these abortions “memorials” is a slap in the face to every single American that died that day, and is especially cruel to their surviving family members. These things effectively let the terrorists dig up the victims of 9/11, and kill them again. I am so offended by this I can’t even express it in mere words.

Blogwhoring aside, if you have a blog, or send tips to blogs, please link Deb, or me, or whoever, or just send an email to people you know, about this travesty, just to get it out there.

One Response to “Flight 93 Memorial Honors Hijackers”

  1. nicedeb said

    I feel exactly the same way, Bmac.

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