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Posted by bmac on August 10, 2007

So the Dems spent last night pandering to the gigantic voting bloc of gay people on LOGO, a gay cable station, that exists because I guess BRAVO just wasn’t gay enough. This entire debate is a red herring. Gay marriage in and of itself is a non-issue, this is more about Liberal Values being forced on Americans.
Morality aside, here’s my take on why gay marriage just doesn’t make sense.

The gay population is estimated between 6 and 10% so for arguments sake, let’s say it’s 8%. Are we to assume the entire 8% even wants to marry? I doubt it, so let’s take off 2%, which leaves us with 6%.
Of that 6%, how many are in serious relationships, that would even consider getting married? I can only guess, because there are no estimates for that, but I think we can safely cut the 6% in half, leaving 3%. BTW, this is in no way scientific, just my opinion.

Now that we’re down to 3%, how many of them would get married just because they can? That’s a tough one, but my guess would be at least 1%.

Ok, down to 2% of the gay population that could realistically want to get married, at any given time. Again, not scientific, but I think, probably pretty close.

Of that 2%, how many want to get married just for things like health insurance, and property rights? With that, we may be at around 1% of the gay population, that wants to marry for noble reasons. That is not to say heterosexuals always marry for noble reasons, they don’t, I’m just talking numbers here. If we are to change an institution, that has existed one way, for thousands of years, we should realistically look at how many people it actually affects. By my un-scientific, but I think reasonable, estimation, somewhere between 1-2 percent of the general population. Or something like that.
Like I said, all morality aside, no matter how you personally feel about it, this would affect so few people, it’s really not even worth considering changing the very definition of marriage, let alone splitting this country even futher apart.


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