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Smoking Bans

Posted by bmac on August 14, 2007

ATHENS, Ala. – Voters have a chance on Tuesday to return this northern
Alabama city to the days of Prohibition.

Might be time to leave Athens, Alabama.

A measure to end the sale of alcohol in Athens is up for a citywide vote, a
rare instance where voters could overturn a previous vote to allow sales.
Business interests are against repeal, but church leaders who helped organize
the petition drive that got the measure on the ballot are asking members to pray
and fast in support of a ban.

Christians who oppose drinking on moral grounds believe they have a chance
to win, however small.

They certainly do have a chance to win.

This is not unsimilar to something that happened here in Vegas last November. You may not know this, but here in Sin City, smoking is banned in bars that serve food, even if your entire menu consists of a basket of fries.

Let me tell you something about Las Vegas. We have the highest per capita number of smokers in the entire U.S., as well as probably the most bars. There is literally a bar on every corner. Within a square mile of my house, I can think of ten right off the top of my head, within walking distance. All of these bars make their money from video poker, and people that play video poker like to smoke while they’re losing the rent money. As a result of the smoking ban, most of these bars closed the restaurant portion of their establishment, because the food is secondary to the gambling. Everything is secondary to the gambling.

Because we have an influx of people from southern California moving here, and believe me they really hate smokers, the ban went into effect, cleverly placed in mid-term elections, which usually see’s a turnout of about 30%. As a result of the California tree-huggers hatred of smokers, a lot of people lost their jobs, a lot of businesses lost a ton of money, and now we have more drunk drivers on the road since people are drinking and not eating anything at all.
Vegas is a big town, there’s plenty of non-smoking restaurants. There was no need for this ban, it was personal.
I never thought I’d see the day that smoking would be banned in this town, but it happened.
The most smokers per capita in the U.S….. No smoking. In bars. In Las Vegas.

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