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Where There’s Smoke (There’s idiots)

Posted by bmac on August 15, 2007

While I’m on the subject of smoking bans, here is another one from New York:

Smokers have already been banned from New York bars and restaurants, and
soon they could be prohibited from lighting up in cars carrying minors, an idea
giving added fuel to critics who say the city has become a nanny state.
If enacted, smoking in cars with riders under the age of 18 would join a
growing list of activities barred by the city, including making too much noise
at night, serving trans fats in restaurants, and allowing students to carry cell
phones in school.

My prediction: Smoking will be completely outlawed within ten years.
Full disclosure, I am a smoker. Wish I never started, but I did, and to be honest, I enjoy it. Smoking has been demonized to such an extent, that I feel like a leper when I smoke in public. Seriously, child molesters get less hateful glares. My wife and I vacation in California sometimes, and when I smoke there, I fully expect to be lynched by an angry mob. With torches and everything. I understand that cigarette smoke is unpleasant to non-smokers, and I make an effort to spare people from that in public, just as I make an effort to not fart directly at people. But the bottom line is, when you leave your house, it’s not my job to make your day pleasant, nor is it the job of government to make sure you don’t get offended outside of your personal sanctuary. Life is offensive, and it should be. Maybe your cologne is offensive to me, but hey, that’s your problem, I’m not gonna let it ruin my day, or try to pass legislation against Old Spice.
That is why this type of legislation is personal. People hate dirty, filthy, low-life smokers. Smoking is a personal choice, just as eating 5 Big Macs, or riding dirt bikes on the weekend is. They all have inherent health risks, known to the person engaging in said activity.
Whether or not you smoke, you should be very affraid of these laws being enacted. Today it’s smoking and Trans-Fats, tomororrow, it’s red meat. The day after that, it’s guns. Believe it.

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