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MSNBC Newsroom Booed Bush State Of The Union Speech

Posted by bmac on August 16, 2007

No surprise here. What bugs me is not that they’re biased, that’s a given. What bugs me is that they are such children. Booing the state of the union address? Cheering Karl Rove resigning? What are they…12?
What kind of retards are working at the MSNBC newsroom?
Seriously, cheering Rove’s resignation? Do they think that really matters? It’s not like he got caught with a 9 year old boy. Bush is a lame duck at this point, do they think Rove leaving is some kind of gigantic victory for the left? Do they get a gold star to put on the fridge? An extra 5 minutes for recess? Do they get to stay up past thier bed-time? Now it makes a little more sense why this day-care center employs “grown-ups” like Olberman and Mathews.

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