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Watching Pundits Will Make Your Head Explode

Posted by bmac on August 20, 2007

This is audio of Laura Ingram and Geraldo arguing about immigration. To be honest, I didn’t listen to it. I don’t have to. I already know what I’ll hear. It’s boring at this point. Laura is really good, but who needs to hear what Geraldo thinks about anything? Memo to the world: Nobody takes Geraldo seriously, including Geraldo. Do you think she’ll win him over by the end of their conversation? It’s an exercise in futility.
That’s why I just can’t take pundits anymore. Listening to them is a complete waste of time and energy. I’m sick of people yelling talking points at each other, and never answering a single question. You will never hear a queston answered on Hannity and Colmes. Ever. Example:
Hannity to random Democratic Strategist: “Is the sky blue?”
Democratic Strategist: “It’s funny you mention the sky Sean, because of Republican war mongering blah blah blah..today’s talking points..blah blah….
Then back to Hannity who repeats the question 10 more times, with the same result. Colmes then begins the vicious cycle all over again, repeat, ad infinitum.
This is the same process at every other cable news outlet by the way, not just Fox.
This is what passes as debate. Every talking head is a lawyer, or has a law degree, or hangs out with lawyers enough to know not to ever actually answer a question, under any circumstance. What’s the point?

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