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Who’s The Man?

Posted by bmac on September 6, 2007

So Fred! is in. He’s already taking shots for getting bigger ratings than the rest of the repubs combined, as apparently there was a debate last night, that (shocker!) nobody watched.
Here’s why I like Fred: He’s not wasting his time with these completely pointless exercises in futility. And more importantly, Fred is a man. He acts like a man. He smokes cigars. He’s got a hot wife. Unlike the parade of effeminate, coiffed, half-women that pass as possible leaders of the free world that are in this race, Fred is a Dude. In the old school, hangin’ with Sinatra, womanizing (with women),drinkin’ all night, kickin ass all day style. In this age of pervy, creepy, half-gay republicans, we could use a little of that.

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