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Area 51 And Art Bell

Posted by bmac on September 15, 2007

I watched a show last night about Area 51, on Discovery, or TLC…. no not TLC, because that network now only produces shows about freak medical conditions, kinda like the cable version of Barnum & Bailey.

Anyway… Growing up in Las Vegas, Area 51 loses some of it’s mystery, because if you’ve been here awhile, you probably know someone that has worked there at some point, in some capacity. While they definitely can’t talk about it, you get the vibe it’s not aliens they’re working on out there.

Also, I believe they’ve moved the really classified stuff to Utah, because really, Area 51 is hardly “secret” anymore. There is however, a kooky little “town” called Rachel out there, that attracts every alien-lovin’, conspiracy nerd from around the globe to it’s trailer-cafes, featuring tons of alien memorabilia.

It reminded me of a guy who used to have a radio show that he broadcast from his trailer, in a little town about 100 miles from Vegas called Pahrump. His name was Art Bell. I used to love Art Bell. He was a hard-core UFO guy, conspiracy theorist,Chupacabra, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, all that stuff. He broadcast late at night, from the desert,and always spoke in low, measured tones, which gave his show a quiet spookiness.

Of course, Art Bell is a lunatic. Listening to his show was like a little window to insanity. Especially the callers. Nothing these delusional kooks ever said would faze Art Bell. And they said some stuff man. Seriously, they would relate stories of having friendships with “Greys” or “Whites,” abductions, travelling the galaxy, you name it. And they would tell these wacky stories as if they went to the grocery store, with no hyperbole, you know… just havin’ a chat. Art would respond with something like “Yes, the Greys are so much more fun than the Whites.” Really great stuff.

While it was a gas to listen to, his show was a little unnerving, because it exposed how many truly crazy people are out there. And what’s even scarier, late at night, when everything is quiet, and you’re alone, just for a minute, you find yourself thinking “Could this possibly be real?” Just for a minute. Then you snap out of it. I guess that was the fun of it.

He’s not broadcasting any more, and I think he had some nutty conspiracy theory that the government shut him down, so I’m gonna do a little research and get back to you with an update.

Apparently, things got a little nutty for Art Bell around mid 2000. Allegedly, his son was kidnapped and raped(!?), prompting a quick, but short lived retirement. He was on and off the air for the next few years, until his wife died suddenly, under what some have called mysterious circumstances. He re-married 3 months after his wife’s death, to a Filipino girl 40 years his junior, and left the country. Supposedly, he’s back and broadcasting occasionally on the weekends, from Pahrump. So there you go, Art Bell, a strange, but fascinating character.

2 Responses to “Area 51 And Art Bell”

  1. I have no idea how I got to this article, the aliens prolly did it, but my husband and I get a kick out of listening to Art Bell and his kooky callers too.

  2. wanderer77 said

    might not be a “secret” but it’s still “classified”

    no one can get near it.

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