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I Just Like This Picture

Posted by bmac on September 29, 2007


It was tied to the headline “Clinton slams Obama..Blah..Blah…” on Drudge.

Whatever. I just like seeing these pandering tools sittin’ on a haystack, you know, keepin’ it real. Hillary looks pissed. Someone’s gonna get “the business” when she gets back indoors. You just know the last place on Earth she wants to be is on some God-forsaken haystack, talking to inbred redneck hillbillies, or as we know them, farmers. I can just see bottles of imported water being hurled at her staff on the bus when they leave.

Obama just desperately needs a smoke. I feel your pain O, I feel your pain.

2 Responses to “I Just Like This Picture”

  1. eddiebear said

    I actually admire Obama for the smoking thing. Not that it’s a great thing, but he has the same issues with tobacco that so manh of us have. And it must kill him that he can’t light up anywhere near a camera.

  2. bmac said

    And it’s gonna get harder for him to be out of camera range. I think he should go totally old school, and shake hands, talk to reporters, all with a cig dangling from his mouth, lit with a Zippo.
    Reporter: Senator Obama, what do you think…
    Obama: Scuse me. *Cling!* Lighting cig…Okay, what was your question?

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