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I Aplogise For This Post

Posted by bmac on October 3, 2007

The Philippines want an apology from “Desperate Housewives,” for the line:

“can I check those diplomas because I want to make sure that they’re not from some med school in the Philippines.”

ABC better get their apology A-team on this before the streets become rivers of blood. Pissed off Filipino med students ain’t no joke.

Enough with the apologies already. And the demanding of apologies. Do they even mean anything anymore? They’ve become Verbal Rehab. Michael Vick apologises for slaughtering dogs. Cool, I guess I was wrong, I thought you were a soulless piece of shit, but you apologised. All better now!

They’re demanding Rush apologise. Imus apologised his ass off, and look what that got him. Michael Richards apologised directly to Jesse Jackson, how’s that workin’ out Mike?

Nobody wants to actually accept an apology, and the people offering them don’t actually mean it, so maybe every word or action should just come with a pre-apology so we can all save a lot of time. 

10 Responses to “I Aplogise For This Post”

  1. Yeah but the next line was “A Flip doctor? Please! Why not just slash your wrists and jump in front of a bus?”

    OK, it wasn’t really.

  2. bmac said

    I apologise for laughing at “Flip doctor”

  3. ABC Apologizes for Unlikable Racist Fictional Characters Fictional Racial Comments?

    What the hell? ABC has to apologize for a comment made by a completely snobby racist unlikable character made to be perceived as even more unlikable by the viewers? What? I watched Nick At Night last night, zoning out on “All in the Family”…

  4. Ed said

    See I’m sorry too.

  5. Ed said

    I also apologize for toeing the line between Stupid and Clever.

  6. Ed said

    I have also added you to my blogroll!

  7. Ed said

    Again I apologize to you for your posting of this same subject on your own blog and I am sorry to anyone to whom I offended by your posting of said same subject on your own blog and I extend my hand to you should you need anything for posting more posts which I may also post on my own blog that may be of the same subject on your blog should you choose to do so. I have apologized and according to the stated “Rules of Apology” I will now go directly to rehab.

  8. bmac said

    Apology not accepted!

  9. Ed said

    I accept your not accepting my apology and apologize for apologizing.

  10. I aporogize for making fun of accents. Miso solly.

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