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AoS Morons Are The Best Morons In The World

Posted by bmac on October 6, 2007


If you’re watching the fundable.org page, the amount is not in there yet, but we have a few more contributors that have pledged enough to put us over the top, and that will be going in until the 9th of October.

When I put up this bleg, I honestly didn’t expect much. My blog didn’t get much traffic, and let’s face it, asking (relative) strangers for money is dodgy at best. It was worth a shot, and I had nothing to lose (literally).

 What I got was an unbelievable outpouring of generous goodwill, that I was completely unprepared for. Not only did you guys donate money and blog space, many got personally involved, and we’ve come away from this with new friends.

These are tough times for the bmac family, there are some very serious life and death issues going on that I don’t talk about here. I only mention it now to underscore how meaningful all of your help has been to us during an incredibly stressful period of our lives.

At this point, I’ve thanked all of you in multiple places, please know that it is sincere. What I’d like to do here is give kind of a “shout out” to everybody that participated.

Enas Yorl-My fellow Las Vegan, was in there immediately with a generous donation and a post on his blog. Enas is an incredible artist, and has a great blog. (when he posts!) We still have to get together sometime Enas! One of these days, Ace-a-Palooza West will happen! (Don’t tell the IB’ers)

Nice Deb was the only person I sent an email to, asking for a link. She immediately put up a post on her blog, and at the Hostages, which set off a chain of events that drove this entire campaign. I have a ton of respect for Deb, and she really is…..Nice. Once she posted the link, it got the attention of:

WickedPinto, whom I should have contacted to write the bleg on my original post, as his words are about a million times more expressive than mine could ever be. WP went above and beyond to help us help Kramer, and we’ll never forget it. At the very least WP, you’ve gained a full fledged groupie in Mrs.bmac.

Cranky, who is going through the exact same thing with his beloved dog Nala, kept his post with our bleg bumped to the top of his blog this entire time, as well as contacting fellow bloggers to help. We’re thinkin’ about ya Cranky, and consider you a friend, and we’ll of course be talking to you. Give the kids a Milk Bone for us!

Cuffy Meigs, gave a very generous donation, as well as a post, and a piggy-back to an Allah-Lanch. Cuffy’s always been really cool to me, and dude, you consistently crack me up! One of the nicest guys in the blogosphere.

Wiserbud, I don’t think I’ve ever actually interacted directly with you, but you gave a generous donation, so in return, I’ll be happy to provide a picture of myself for you to mock relentlessly.

Mesablue, the only interaction I’ve had with him I believe was at Ace’s a while back, when he took me down a notch for watching VH1. He probably doesn’t remember.  But he kept the beautifully written post by WP up on AMA this whole time, and I understand there may have been some conspiring to sneak the bleg into a post at Ace’s. Thanks Mesa.

Dave in Texas, another guy I’ve never spoken to directly, was nice enough to post the bleg on his highly trafficked blog. Thanks Dave!

Grumpyunk, who I did not know at all, also posted the bleg. I can’t offer much, but he’s on my blogroll, and he has an extremely entertaining blog, so go check it out.

The financial and moral support from all of you guys has been a blessing, and we don’t take it lightly.

A sincere and heartfelt Thank You, from Kramer, Mrs.bmac, and me.


4 Responses to “AoS Morons Are The Best Morons In The World”

  1. Enas Yorl said

    Oh, cool! My interwebbery connection was out this weekend and I was wondering about how the drive was going. It seemed to be stalled there for a bit. Good news to start a Monday! We definitely need to hook up sometime. There’s a nice pool hall down on Charleston and Upland we could meet at. I’m pretty sure they let you smoke in there 😉

  2. sinistar said

    I just saw all this, I’m glad you made it!

    I’m amazed you got the money, blegging isn’t always a successful venture, people are often skeptical of this sort of bleg.

  3. bmac said

    Thanks Sin. Yeah, I can understand people being skeptical. We’re happy to answer any questions people may have, or provide whatever information would make anyone feel more comfortable. We’re also going to blog updates and progress at my old blog.

    Enas- I’ll email you, and we’ll figure something out!

  4. Great job, bmac. I really hope everything turns out OK for Kramer.

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