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Common Sense Being Bred Out Of People

Posted by bmac on October 9, 2007

You’ve probably heard about the McDonalds strip search suit that just resulted in the victim getting 6.1 million. I wasn’t too aware of the details of this case until just the other night when I saw 20/20, or 48 hours, whichever did a piece on it.

The people involved in this case are so astoundingly stupid, it boggles the mind. Only in America do people get rewarded for such a profound lack of common sense. I’m often surprised that people this dumb actually manage to stay alive, that they haven’t been killed by like, accidentally stabbing themselves in the eye, or drinking paint. I’m especially shocked that the female manager-Donna Summers- got a million dollar award for helping instigate the sexual assault of a young girl by her own fiancee’. I guess the jury has also narrowly escaped natural selection as well.

This is a phenomenon that I briefly discussed here, basic common sense is being bred out of people, probably due to the ridiculous amount of safety precautions we force on the public. Nobody thinks for themselves anymore, and if you get hurt somehow due to your stunning lack of common sense, call a lawyer (preferably one with a ponytail) and get rich, because the jury will be full of retards that miraculously survived the morning.


2 Responses to “Common Sense Being Bred Out Of People”

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  2. kruzer said

    Man, that was a funny write-up 🙂

    I am strong supporter of natural selection…. you guessed it, am not a democrat.
    As a human race gets dumber and dumber and the dumb reproducing faster then the rest of the reasonable minded people.

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