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Mediocrity Is Rewarded Once Again

Posted by bmac on October 12, 2007

To this day, when I think of Al Gore, I think about the PMRC, and his wife Tipper. Tipper, what kind of name is that? Tipper. It sounds exactly like it is, the name of the girlfriend(wife) of the rich, whitebread, pompous ass that would have been the butt of all the jokes in a movie like Meatballs or Caddyshack. If only Al’s name were Tad it would be perfect.

Back to the PMRC. Remember waaay back in the 80’s, when Tipper got all righteous and went after all that horrible rock music that was destroying the minds of children? They had Senate hearings and everything. Al Gore was one of the key Senators behind labeling records, and one of the main participants in these hearings that saw testimony from the likes of Frank Zappa, Dee Snider, and John Denver. They went after Denver for “Rocky Mountain High,” as if it were a drug reference.

How funny is that? John Denver! Those hearings were priceless, as Zappa, and even Dee Snider verbally handed Gore his ass. The result of Team Gore’s idiotic grandstanding has been a dramatic increase in over-the-top vulgarity in pop music, that makes the stuff they were going after in the 80’s sound like Raffi in comparison. What’s even funnier is that most of the artists they went after probably voted for he and Clinton. Twice.

What does any of this have to do with Gore winning the Nobel Prize? I don’t know, except that as usual, the Nobel goes to someone of, at best, mediocrity. Like Carter, Gore has never really accomplished anything on his own without completely screwing it up. His only real accomplishment is the ability to hitch his wagon to a person or cause that would happen with or without him. Clinton was so driven, he could have gotten elected with Strom Thurmond. Gore was window dressing. Just as he’s window dressing for the Global Warming crowd. The Oscar and Nobel were his before the first frame of his movie was even shot.

Al gets to benefit from the fact that Global Warming and Environmentalism are the Wal-Mart of liberalism. It’s got it all, Godlessnes, in the idea that man is the ultimate holder of power, for we have the ability to destroy the Earth simply by evovling into an idustrial age. It’s anti-business, and best of all, it comes with the obligitory Absolute Moral Authority. It’s a no brainer for liberals, and Al gets to be the poster boy.


3 Responses to “Mediocrity Is Rewarded Once Again”

  1. cranky said

    I can’t wait until he oversteps his masters’ bounds and they stop returning his phone calls. The crash of that ego will set off seismic alarms around the world.

    Somebody at Ace’s commented that they were going to go out and burn some vinyl siding in protest. GLAM.

  2. bmac said

    I think I’ll just drive around the block a few extra times, maybe eat some endangered species burger for dinner, and top it off by turning the A/C down to 30, and pretending it’s winter.

  3. kruzer said

    I have all the Zappa CD’s and I think I’ll put it on and burn some trash today.
    For this special occasion I saved up the NYT, LAT, and assorted mainstream media publications. No, I didn’t buy any of that.
    I picked out of the trash bin…. where they belong in the first place.

    Yeah, we can burn trash in the Northwest USA.
    It’s not against the law.

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