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Good Morning!

Posted by bmac on October 15, 2007

I shop occasionally at a local WalMart, a super WalMart. It’s gargantuan. They have 23 check out counters. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than 4 open at any given time, regardless of how busy it is in there. Instead, they have a whole bunch of “Self Check Outs” that seem to be all the rage these days.

To WalMart, and every other store that employs these “Self Check Outs,” Fuck You. If I have to do your job for you, than I want an automatic 20% off my total purchase.

8 Responses to “Good Morning!”

  1. Tushar D said

    20% is a bit excesive, but a few percent discount seems good. They save a lot of labor cost if we check out ourselves.

  2. Enas Yorl said

    I like the self serve checkouts myself. I use them all the time. Oh, and you forgot to tell the kids to stay off your damn lawn!! 😀

  3. bmac said

    Yeah, my wife uses them too, but for me it’s a matter of principal. What’s next? Will I have to unload the trucks on the loading dock? I pretty much have to bag my own groceries. There just ain’t no customer service anymore.
    And for the last time, YOU DAMN KIDS STAY THE HELL OFF MY LAWN!!

  4. cranky said

    That “stay off my lawn” thing is my gig. I expect royalties for its use. 😛

    And those self check out registers suck. That annoying voice saying the weight does not match the item scanned. I hate those things.

  5. Ed said

    I’m going to try something new this Friday. I am doing Politically Correct Friday on the blog. Only P.C. things will be allowed and anything else will be looked at as a real downer man. Everyone is free to express themselves if that’s what they feel like doing ok? I mean I wouldn’t want anyone to feel like I was trying to push my views on them because like, I’m not them right? So only P.C. stories, P.C. people and P.C. comments because that’s the way things should be right? Right on! Get the point? So bring your A game peeps and let’s make this a Friday to remember…

  6. bmac said

    Not sure how that pertains to this post, but I like your pluckiness Ed!

  7. Ed said

    Here’s how it works in regards to this post… I like the self check out, I understand that the people that work there make little to no money and have no health insurance. I don’t want to contribute to their financial situation by making them work harder checking out my Chinese made underwear so to be P.C. I go to the self check out man! That way I’m not contributing to the Power Overlord that is big corporate America, i.e. Walmart that is holding down my brown, black, yellow and red brothers and sisters (the white man has plenty of good jobs so I don’t include them there) down by not paying them an honest wage! Power to the PEOPLE MAN!

    See you on P.C. Friday… or not it’s totally up to you man, it’s your world I just live in it…

  8. Mrs. bmac said

    Sorry hubby but you know I like the self check out because I don’t have to deal with how slow the checkers are. I have no patience for waiting in line or dealing with how fricken slow they are. I laughed at Cranky because when I first used those things I was confused too but I got it down now. Just have to find the picture of the item on the computer screen (i.e small avocado) or you can enter the number that is on the sticker on the avocado. Easy! Also, I don’t get a dirty look when I ask to double bag my stuff (extra poop bags for the dogs). BTW Ed, they do have health insurance and its pretty good. My sister in law and husband work at a Walmart in Texas and its not too shabby. I hate Walmart though, I am more of a Target girl. Walmart is too closterphobic (I’m short) and the isles are too close together and too tall. Plus, there are so many damn people in there and its always dirty and all their carts suck. We aren’t really talking about Walmart though so I will stop here. I like self check outs.

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