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Fear Not, Republicans

Posted by bmac on October 22, 2007

The Dems have no chance for the Presidency in 08. None. Zero. As we established earlier, I am a soothsayer, and I’m soothsayin’ now, a Republican is a shoe-in next year. Pay no attention to the polls, people lie to pollsters. Remember the exit polling in 04 that said Kerry was President? Nobody wanted to admit to a pollster they voted for Bush. Just like nobody wants to admit to a pollster they would never vote for a woman President, or a black President, or a gay President.

Most polling agencies are left leaning, and if they don’t get the answer they want, as Frank Luntz has shown many times, they can easily lead the poll-ee into giving the answer they want, resulting in poll after poll crowning Hillary the Queen.

Prominent conservatives are using reverse psychology, proclaiming a Hillary victory, to fire up the base, just in case. Rush Limbaugh knows Hillary has no chance, but he’s fighting the good fight.

Hillary’s entire campaign is based on being married to Bill Clinton, a President that barely squeaked by twice, during a time in this country when not much was at stake. Bill had four things going for him that Hillary does not.

1) He’s charming. That goes a long way with Americans. If Bush had Clinton’s charm, he’d be the new Reagan. Bush’s blue-blood arrogance has cost him his legacy, and his cloddish way of dealing with the press is embarrassing. Hillary is even worse.

2) He clawed his way up from nothing. People like that. Hillary just thinks she’s entitled.

3) As I mentioned earlier, the 90’s were somewhat uneventful. The one thing we all remember about the Clinton years? Blowjobs. That was the most pressing issue of Clinton’s eight years. Compare that with Bush dealing with not one, but two of the worst disasters in our country’s entire history. Things are different now. Something is actually at stake.

4) Most importantly, Bill is a man. Or maybe I should say a male. I wouldn’t say he’s a man. No matter how much the MSM covers her ample ass, bottom line, Americans will not elect a female President. Period. Mark my words.

Neither will Americans elect a black President. That’s just reality. Racism runs deep in this country, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. Obama would be crushed in a landslide that would be embarrassing to us all.

Edwards is the living, breathing characiture of the effete, weak, phony, preening, metro-sexual liberal male. Alan Alda looks like John Wayne next to Edwards. Good luck with that Dems.

The Dems and the MSM are putting all their eggs into the multi-culti circle jerk liberal basket that is doomed to fail miserably. Every single President in our entire history as a country, has had two things in common: 1) White. 2) Male. The Dems are offering neither.

That’s just the reality folks, for good or bad. Any bookmaker would tell you the same, based on roughly 231 years of history, a white male will be the next President. Does that make us a misogynistic and racist country? Or that a woman or a black man can never be President? No, it just means in 2008, we are not ready for that just yet, and even if we were, at the very least, the woman or black man in question would have to have a lot more to offer than the, at best, meager, ability of Hillary and Obama. Or the $400 haircut of Edwards.

8 Responses to “Fear Not, Republicans”

  1. nicedeb said

    I agree with most of what you say.

    But I do think that America is capable of electing both a woman, and a black President.

    Just not these particular two.

  2. bmac said


  3. Enas Yorl said

    I think a Margaret Thatcher type woman could get elected. HRC ain’t no Maggie Thatcher though. Obama is one of the emptiest suits to ever run for the office that’s for sure. Still, I get a Han Solo level of A Bad Feeling About This when I think about the next election. Let’s hope your prognosticatory powers hold!

  4. bmac said

    Could a woman or black man get elected?
    Anything is possible.
    How likely is it?
    Not very. Even being a CEO of a major corporation is still pretty tough for women and minorities. There aren’t a whole lot of Oprah’s and Martha Stewarts out there.
    It’s gonna be Hillary vs. Rudy, with Rudy in a near landslide. Maybe not a grand slam home run landslide, but enough to make the Dems and the MSM slap their collective foreheads and wonder how they were so wrong.

  5. Nick Byram said

    “It’s gonna be Hillary vs. Rudy, with Rudy in a near landslide.”

    Gawd, I hope not. Can’t we get a real Republican who wins more narrowly? RINOs are not as bad as Commiecrats, but when they are bad, it sneaks up on us.

  6. bmac said

    If only there were any real republicans.

  7. […] Allow myself to quote……myself   “The Dems and the MSM are putting all their eggs into the multi-culti circle jerk liberal basket that… […]

  8. retro said

    As much as I’d like to see a woman president, I don’t trust Hillary as far as I can throw her.

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