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We Created This Monster

Posted by bmac on October 25, 2007

It used to be, actors were ecstatic just to be working because they know as I do, that of all the Arts, acting is rock bottom. If the Arts were Wal-mart, actors would be the janitors cleaning toilets, they wouldn’t even be allowed to stock shelves. Acting requires no real world skill, other than lying, which we’re all pretty good at. To even scape a living out of acting is just about impossible, let alone to be one of the lucky few who make millions doing it. These lucky few used to be grateful. Used to be.

Here’s my take on actors. They basically play themselves, only smarter and with better dialogue. What they bring is charisma, not acting skill. Big difference. Yes, there are some great actors, but the vast majority have an innate charisma that carries them through roles, as opposed to their ability as a thespian. Jack Nicholson has been playing slight variations of himself for 40 years. Robert Redford’s been turning in the same understated performance in every film he’s ever been in. Etc, etc.

Our insane celebrity culture has of course turned these people into megalomaniacs who really believe they have something important to offer society. When 200 cameras turn up every time they take a shit, what else are they gonna think? We have only ourselves to blame for every Redford, Penn, and Clooney, and it’s only getting worse. The new generation of celebrities are dumber, more vapid, and less talented than ever before, and as soon as they learn how to read, we’re gonna be hearing their political views too.

I’m going to go out on a limb, and blame feminism for our utterly retarded obsession with celebrity. Women have all but taken control of the pop culture media, as well as being the overwhelming consumer of all this bullshit. Men could care less about Britney if it does not involve nudity. Paris? Only if she’s about to recieve a money shot. Lindsay? When’s that boob gonna pop out. Past that, we don’t care. Brangelina? Yeah right. Anna Nicole? We already saw her naked in Playboy, don’t care how she died. Not even a little. Our only sadness lies in the fact that she died before doing hard core porn.

So thanks ladies, for turning moronic pretty boys, and vapid train wrecks into The Most Important People Ever To Live And Grace Us With Their Oh So Thinky World Views.

3 Responses to “We Created This Monster”

  1. Right on, bmac. Just at lunch today, wifey asks me if I’d seen the latest Anna Nicole vid (something about pills given to her by husband?lawyer?randomguy?). I just stared at her.

  2. bmac said

    Unless the vid involved some disgusting act performed after ingesting said pills.

  3. nicedeb said

    Hey, don’t blame me, I had nothing to do with it.

    Really, I’ve shunned the pop culture for most of my adult life.

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