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McCain Officially Becomes Senile

Posted by bmac on October 23, 2007

McCain says he wants to shoot Osama

Ok, off to a good start John!

Republican presidential candidate John McCain told workers of small weapons factory that he not only wants to catch Osama Bin Laden if elected, but said he “will shoot him with your products”.


I will follow Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell and I will shoot him with your products,” McCain said.

??????????!!!! Does he mean bullets?

McCain told reporters afterward he was joking when he made the comment at Thompson Center Arms in Rochester.

“I certainly didn’t mean I would actually shoot him. I am certainly angry at him, but I was only speaking in a way that was trying to emphasize my point,” McCain said. “I would not shoot him myself.”

Well, at least McCain is “angry” at Bin Laden. And now he’s not commited to shoot him with “products.” Nice save John!

Story here.

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Fear Not, Republicans

Posted by bmac on October 22, 2007

The Dems have no chance for the Presidency in 08. None. Zero. As we established earlier, I am a soothsayer, and I’m soothsayin’ now, a Republican is a shoe-in next year. Pay no attention to the polls, people lie to pollsters. Remember the exit polling in 04 that said Kerry was President? Nobody wanted to admit to a pollster they voted for Bush. Just like nobody wants to admit to a pollster they would never vote for a woman President, or a black President, or a gay President.

Most polling agencies are left leaning, and if they don’t get the answer they want, as Frank Luntz has shown many times, they can easily lead the poll-ee into giving the answer they want, resulting in poll after poll crowning Hillary the Queen.

Prominent conservatives are using reverse psychology, proclaiming a Hillary victory, to fire up the base, just in case. Rush Limbaugh knows Hillary has no chance, but he’s fighting the good fight.

Hillary’s entire campaign is based on being married to Bill Clinton, a President that barely squeaked by twice, during a time in this country when not much was at stake. Bill had four things going for him that Hillary does not.

1) He’s charming. That goes a long way with Americans. If Bush had Clinton’s charm, he’d be the new Reagan. Bush’s blue-blood arrogance has cost him his legacy, and his cloddish way of dealing with the press is embarrassing. Hillary is even worse.

2) He clawed his way up from nothing. People like that. Hillary just thinks she’s entitled.

3) As I mentioned earlier, the 90’s were somewhat uneventful. The one thing we all remember about the Clinton years? Blowjobs. That was the most pressing issue of Clinton’s eight years. Compare that with Bush dealing with not one, but two of the worst disasters in our country’s entire history. Things are different now. Something is actually at stake.

4) Most importantly, Bill is a man. Or maybe I should say a male. I wouldn’t say he’s a man. No matter how much the MSM covers her ample ass, bottom line, Americans will not elect a female President. Period. Mark my words.

Neither will Americans elect a black President. That’s just reality. Racism runs deep in this country, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. Obama would be crushed in a landslide that would be embarrassing to us all.

Edwards is the living, breathing characiture of the effete, weak, phony, preening, metro-sexual liberal male. Alan Alda looks like John Wayne next to Edwards. Good luck with that Dems.

The Dems and the MSM are putting all their eggs into the multi-culti circle jerk liberal basket that is doomed to fail miserably. Every single President in our entire history as a country, has had two things in common: 1) White. 2) Male. The Dems are offering neither.

That’s just the reality folks, for good or bad. Any bookmaker would tell you the same, based on roughly 231 years of history, a white male will be the next President. Does that make us a misogynistic and racist country? Or that a woman or a black man can never be President? No, it just means in 2008, we are not ready for that just yet, and even if we were, at the very least, the woman or black man in question would have to have a lot more to offer than the, at best, meager, ability of Hillary and Obama. Or the $400 haircut of Edwards.

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bmac the soothsayer (predicting the obvious)

Posted by bmac on October 22, 2007

The slew of anti-war movies are coming out and flopping, as I predicted here

I believe “In the valley of Elah” has come and gone, and now “Rendition” is on it’s way to Netflix, after one weekend. A movie directed by the stunningly untalented Ben Affleck beat it.

Hollywood just can’t seem to grasp that this is not “Vietnam 2-The Middle East.” These movies will still receive Oscars, even though, or especially because, they lost millions. I guarantee the directors are already working on their Bush bashing, Hillary stump speeches as I write this.

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Some Cool Geetar Playin’

Posted by bmac on October 20, 2007

Another guy that’s been doing this tapping technique for years is Michael Hedges, but this guy, Andy Mckee, is pretty awesome.

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Ben Stein Backs Franken (Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?)

Posted by bmac on October 20, 2007

Story here.

I thought Stein was a Republican. And I thought he was smart. Apparently he has entered senility. Republican or Democrat, what on earth would make someone with an I.Q. over 40 vote for that troll?

What the fuck has Al Franken ever NOT failed at? He was on the payroll at SNL for twenty years while stellar talent like Rob Scheider, Tim Meadows, and Joe Piscopo sailed past him. His Stuart Smalley movie was the least succesful of any SNL movie ever, and that includes “A Night At The Roxbury,” and “It’s Pat!” 

You can tell Franken is one of those comedians that is really hateful and angry, and that comes through because he’s not remotely funny, and it really shows in his politics.

His tenure at Air America was (is?) a joke. They used to play 1 or 2 hours of his show on the Sundance Channel, and I checked it out a couple times out of curiosity. Politics aside, it was so bad, I don’t even have the words to describe it. The NPR crop report is more entertaining.  I’m baffled why anyone would pay that career loser, let alone back his run foe Senate.

Stein, you’re a dolt.

H/T Nice Deb

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FM Radio Has Reached A New Level Of Suckitude

Posted by bmac on October 19, 2007

I keep the radio on in my business, because it just creates a comfortable atmosphere. So obviously, I’m listening to it 10+ hours a day, which has become a form of aural torture. I try to change stations every couple days, but it doesn’t matter, because every station has the same operating procedure, which is a playlist of about 4 songs, repeated until I want to gouge my eardrums out with a rusty nail.

Thanks Clear Channel! You’re slowly destroying the joy of music for me.

When I can afford it, I’m getting sattellite. And I’ll never turn a radio on again.

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PC Friday At Ed Gruberman’s

Posted by bmac on October 19, 2007

Put on your Tie-Dye, crank up some String Cheese Incident while loading a fat bowl, and enjoy an organically grown veggie breakfast, then head over to Ed Gruberman’s for a respite from the ugly world of the Neo-cons!


Ed really put a lot of work into this, Kudo’s Ed!

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Sad Day

Posted by bmac on October 19, 2007

Friend of the bmac’s, Cranky, has lost his beloved dog Nala, after a bout with cancer. 


Say a prayer for him.

We’ve gotten to know Cranky since we’re treating our dog, Kramer, for the exact same type of cancer, and we constantly update each other on our respective dog’s progress. We truly feel like we knew Nala, and this breaks our hearts.

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A Meeting Of The Minds (or lack thereof)

Posted by bmac on October 17, 2007

This Friday evening, Enas Yorl and I will be meeting at Club Charleston, here in fabulous Las Vegas. Sobek may also attend if time permits. If any other Vegas “o Spaders” are gonna be around, please come by and watch as I attempt to flaunt the law by smoking in a bar.

I’m a rebel.

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Be Careful Of Your Halloween Display….Very Careful

Posted by bmac on October 17, 2007

Story here.

Chesla Flood couldn’t believe her eyes. A hangman’s noose circled the neck of a black-hooded, jeans-clad dummy suspended from the chimney of a house in Madison.

Flood called her mother, Millie Hazlewood, who reported the Halloween display to police. She wasn’t the only one. Police went to the property at least three times starting Sunday, and even the mayor asked the homeowners to take down the figure.

Shocking!! A hangman….on Halloween!!

Before the figure was removed yesterday, Madison Mayor Ellwood “Woody” Kerkeslager said “the appearance and the suggestion (of racism) is there, and it’s inappropriate.”

At least four recent noose displays — one each in Jena, La., and Philadelphia and two in New York City — are drawing renewed attention to a potent symbol of racism, lynchings and the era of Jim Crow segregation.

Yep, a Halloween display immediatly brings to mind the era of Jim Crow segregation. Just like a pirate costume immediatly brings back horrible memories of scurvy and buggering.

Unlike those incidents, the Madison figure was part of a Halloween display, and for two days, homeowners Cheryl and David Maines, the borough’s superintendent of public works, refused to budge. They said they had done nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, the state chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People denounced the display as offensive, racist and insensitive.

“I think there are many people who understand the significance of a noose as it relates to the history of African-Americans,” said James Harris, president of the NAACP’s state chapter. “We thought we lived beyond the era when people felt it was okay to have that type of display.”

“Daddy, can we go Trick or Treating?”

“No kids, we couldn’t find a costume that wasn’t insensitive to someone somewhere. Here, have an apple.”


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