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University Of Delaware ”All whites are racist”

Posted by bmac on November 1, 2007

Story here.

A mandatory University of Delaware program requires residence hall students to acknowledge that “all whites are racist” and offers them “treatment” for any incorrect attitudes regarding class, gender, religion, culture or sexuality they might hold upon entering the school, according to a civil rights group.

Offers “treatment for any incorrect attitudes.”

The organization cited excerpts from the university’s Office of Residence Life Diversity Education Training documents, including the statement:

“A RACIST: A racist is one who is both privileged and socialized on the basis of race by a white supremacist (racist) system. ‘The term applies to all white people (i.e., people of European descent) living in the United States, regardless of class, gender, religion, culture or sexuality. By this definition, people of color cannot be racists, because as peoples within the U.S. system, they do not have the power to back up their prejudices, hostilities, or acts of discrimination….”

Here’s an interesting bit:

The school requires its approximately 7,000 residence hall students “to adopt highly specific university-approved views on issues ranging from politics to race, sexuality, sociology, moral philosophy and environmentalism.”

“University approved views.” Ahhh, higher learning indeed.

Read the whole thing, and question if you want to send your kid to college.

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8 Responses to “University Of Delaware ”All whites are racist””

  1. ChenZhen said

    Or at least that college. I’m at a loss for words…

  2. iknowkeith said

    I have never heard of such crap. I hope enough people hear about this that the enrollment drops.

    I wonder what their position on politics and sociology are? Will they require all student to vote for their favorite candidate?

  3. Norman Levitt said

    You’ve certainly tipped us off to a political correctness horror show at U. of Delaware. What’s obviously needed is greater representation of conservatives in the Administration there. For instance, what would an ideal president look like?How about a man with practical training (in engineering, say), but whose career has been mainly to devoted to business-management education, with strong views in favor of free enterprise (at a B-school like Wharton, say).

    You would also want a guy whose sympathies with the private sector are manifest through his membership on the boards of investment banks and other financial institutions. Moreover, you’d want a guy who is obviously acceptable to conservative office holders, as evidenced, for instance, by an appointment as Presidential Fellow by the current President Bush. Finally, you’d want a man whose spiritual life is centered on traditional religion, for instance, a guy who serves as advisor to a local Roman Catholic diocese. Such a man would surely put a stop to the PC nonsense at Delaware!

    But–oh my!–I seem to have described the incumbent President of U. Del., Patrick Harker!! So maybe it isn’t a conspiracy of left-wing nutcases we’ve been talking about, but rather an even more subtle conspiracy of right-wing screwballs.

  4. bmac said

    ” So maybe it isn’t a conspiracy of left-wing nutcases we’ve been talking about, but rather an even more subtle conspiracy of right-wing screwballs.”

    To achieve what ends? The exact agenda of the left? Sorry, doesn’t wash.

  5. Ed said

    Thanks for the story BMac, congrats on the Ace-a-lanch.

  6. bmac said

    Thanks Ed, although there’s not really an Ace-a-lanch, cause I posted it, and linked the source, not myself. I’m all about the story, not the glory. *Yeah, right*

  7. Ed said

    Hey… go check the update at Ace… They stopped the program. Also I HAVE A HOT AIR LOGIN!

  8. mpinkeyes said

    This is more political correctness run amuck. It is so easy to play the victim and blame someone else for a persons failures rather than to look inward and try to improve yourself.

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