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Dog Chapman, And Talking Like Children

Posted by bmac on November 2, 2007

I haven’t been paying too much attention to this Dog Chapman controversy, but this story caught my eye.

Dog’s son sold his ass out. In my opinion, his son is the villian here, for being a money grubbing piece of shit. I pesonally could care less if Dog used the “N-word” in a private conversation, the guy is a fucking bounty hunter for God’s sake! He’s done hard time, used to be a criminal, why is anyone shocked by this?

You know who else sucks? A&E, who suspended production of his show, because of his use of the “N-Word,” and yes, let’s talk like 4 year-olds. “N-word, B-word,(bitch) F-word(faggot),” I’m sick of this infantile language. I’d prefer if they said “racial epithet” or “gender epithet” or anything other than the language you talk to a 2nd grader in. I get dumber every time I read a story with that bullshit in it, and I can’t afford to get much more dumberer.

Dog Chapman is a wacky guy, no doubt, but he seems to do a lot of positive things in his community, and his show is one of the few on TV that has a slightly conservative message. In my opinion, the good he does far outweighs his private use of a “racial epithet” in a heated conversation with his own son. So let’s sacrifice any positive efforts of Dog Chapman on the alter of Politcal Correctness before he helps anyone else get off drugs, or maybe even inspire someone to (Gasp!) pray, something he does often with his family on his show.

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