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Update: Delaware “Program” On Hold

Posted by bmac on November 2, 2007

From Ace of Spades where I posted on this yesterday:

Earlier bmac blogged about a University of Delaware indoctronation program which maintained among other things that ‘all whites are racists’.

Turns out once people find about this sort of thing, the pressure and reality are too much for these morons. Today, the university’s President announced the program would be placed under review.

While I believe that recent press accounts misrepresent the purpose of the residential life program at the University of Delaware, there are questions about its practices that must be addressed and there are reasons for concern that the actual purpose is not being fulfilled. It is not feasible to evaluate these issues without a full and broad-based review.Upon the recommendation of Vice President for Student Life Michael Gilbert and Director of Residence Life Kathleen Kerr, I have directed that the program be stopped immediately. No further activities under the current framework will be conducted.

Hot Air has more on this truly stupid and dangerous program.

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2 Responses to “Update: Delaware “Program” On Hold”

  1. ChenZhen said

    What the hell were they thinking?

  2. Ed said

    I couldn’t tell you what they were thinking because I am a baker and I would be corrupting you with my WHITE FLOUR! WHITE FLOUR! WHITE FLOUR!

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