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Eco-Zombie Training Begins Early In California

Posted by bmac on November 8, 2007

We have to get Eco-Terrorists from somewhere, might as well be Marin County Ca.

Third-grade teacher Debbie Robles made her acting debut before a packed auditorium of youngsters at Rancho Elementary School in Novato. She bombed.

Playing the villain in a school assembly Wednesday aimed at educating the students about global warming, Robles – dressed in a witch’s black attire and prancing around the auditorium as “Queen Carbon” – drew the biggest response from more than 500 students who attended two “Curb Your Carbon” assemblies.

Teachers, parents and volunteers helped organize the assemblies and participated in the skits to help raise awareness about global warming and what people can do about it – exchanging traditional light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs, for example.

Knowing Marin, It’s a pretty safe bet the parents all left the assembly in Range Rovers and Mercedes SUV’s.

School officials distributed more than 500 CFLs last week.

What the fuck are “School Officials” doing distrbuting lightbulbs?

On Friday, Rancho students will be given bilingual “Cancel-a-Car” coupon books filled with ways they can fight global warming.

“Bilingual Cancel-a-Car coupon books.” That phrase alone is shockingly offensive. Again, knowing Marin, I doubt even one of those kids have ever seen the inside of a bus. Cancel a Car my ass.

Once the coupons are returned to school, teachers will track what conservation efforts are made and the date. Teachers will help monitor the progress. As the carbon reduction increases, images of cars will be crossed out on a giant poster kept at school. 

Read the whole thing, and weep for our future.


4 Responses to “Eco-Zombie Training Begins Early In California”

  1. Most people living in Marin could buy their own CFL’s if they cared to.

  2. nicedeb said

    In 10 years these people will look back on all this, and blush.

    Oh, who am I kidding?

    Actually most of them will have forgotten it, and moved on to the next environmental “emergency”.

  3. bmac said

    Or just retire to their 3rd home in the Bahama’s.

  4. cranky said

    Were tax dollars used to buy these light bulbs? I’d have a shit fit if my tax dollars paid for this indoctrination. Question: don’t these CFL bulbs create a HAZMAT site if they break?

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