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“Thriller” Turns 25

Posted by bmac on November 8, 2007


Man I feel old. Doesn’t seem like 25 years since “Thriller.” I never bought it, mainly because I heard it non-stop, everywhere, for a solid two years, didn’t really have to buy it. In fact, I would have bought a break from it. Still, it is a great record, the kind of record that we’ll probably never see again, and by that I mean a record that appeals to  just about everybody, in every country, every language, every class, every color. Pretty much everybody had “Thriller.” Except me.

It’s hard to explain to someone who wasn’t there, just how HUGE Michael Jackson was in the early 80’s. No celebrity today even comes close to being a fraction of how big he was, and not just in America. When the video for the song “Thriller” came out, it was an event. People got cable just so they could see that video which was only on MTV at the time. To this day, I still think that’s a badass video.

Interesting factoid: When “Thriller” was first released, MTV wouldn’t air his video for “Beat it,” because they didn’t play videos by black artists, and his label, CBS, threatened to pull all videos by their artists if MTV didn’t play it. Doesn’t that sound weird, MTV wouldn’t play black artists? I guess it really has been 25 years.

Michaels fall from grace has been painful to watch, and frankly I’m surprised he’s still alive. It’s too bad, I feel like I grew up with him. I had the Jackson Five records when I was a kid, “Off The Wall” as a teenager, and after that, he was unavoidable. His music brings back a lot of good memories for me. Part of me wishes he could just be normal again, and part of me wants him in jail. I’m leaning towards jail.


2 Responses to ““Thriller” Turns 25”

  1. eddiebear said

    Wait! MTV used to show videos?!?!11!?

  2. nicedeb said

    He was actually normal looking back then.

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