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Update On Kramer

Posted by bmac on November 9, 2007

Here’s the Dude getting his second chemo treatment, he goes in today for his third. He handles it better than most dogs, according to the vet. Comes outta there happy and ready to play! He knows he’s getting better!


The full size pic is too big to post, but just click on it for the bigger version.

Thanks again to everyone that helped give us more time with our beloved little dude!

3 Responses to “Update On Kramer”

  1. cranky said

    Hope you’re having a great day Kramer! Samantha and the Spawn of Satan, otherwise known as Jessie (your Mom’s idea) wish you the best. Jessie says she’ll chew up something as a favor to you.


  2. bmac said

    Thanks Cranky, Spawn of Satan! That’s hilarious!

  3. Great news!

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