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Update On Kramer

Posted by bmac on November 20, 2007

Chemotherapy on dogs works a little differently than on humans, but one of the things that is the same is that it lowers the white blood cell count, making them susceptible to infection. When I got home today, Kramer was very weak, and listless, wouldn’t get up or take a treat (he lives for treats.) Going through this treatment, Kramer has good days, and some bad ones, but this was the worst I’d ever seen him, so I took him to the vet, and while they think he’s gonna be OK, they’re keeping him there for 2-3 days to give him intravenous fluid for hydration and antibiotics. He had a fever of 104 1/2, so he may have an infection of some sort.

I gave the vet his blanket and favorite toy, a stuffed teddy bear, to keep with him. This was brutal, to leave our dog there, not feeling good, shaking and scared, not being able to explain what’s happening to him. It broke my heart to drive off without him, we’ve never had to do that before. That poor little dude has been through so much, and been so strong….it’s just heartbreaking. Our chocolate Lab is wondering where her little brother is.

If you can, just say a little prayer for the Dude, while he’s away from home, scared, and wondering what the hell is happening to him.


UPDATE: The vet released him to us last night! After intravenus anti-biotics and hydration, he’s doing much better. Still a little weak, but waaay better than he was on Monday!

8 Responses to “Update On Kramer”

  1. Enas Yorl said

    Oh, poor doggie! I hope he gets to feeling better soon. I know it’s still early in the treatment, but can they make any determination about how well it’s going so far?

  2. bmac said

    They say it’s going good, the vet last night said he was back in remission, it’s just that his white blood cell count is dangerously low, and we have to get it back up.
    As always, no gaurantee.

  3. I’ll bet some turkey will make him feel better. Y’all have a good Thanksgiving together.

  4. bmac said

    Thanks Cuffy!

  5. cranky said

    Hey Kramer! We hope you’re feeling better. If you don’t want your treats, just let me know, I will eat whatever you don’t want.


    PS. My bratty little sister Jessie is back from the vet. She got fixed yesterday. I thought she was br0ken but I wasn’t sure what was broke. Hope you you feel better.


  6. Kramer said

    Thanks Samantha! I’m a bratty little brother so go easy on Jessie! I’m feeling much better, just sleeping a lot, and glad to be back home!
    Jessie, take it easy, and drink lots of water, no hard playing for a few days, use this opportunity to get extra treats! (trust me on this one)

  7. mrs. bmac said

    Hey! I figured out a way to get Kramer to eat. Wouldn’t eat breakfast but took his pill with liverwurst (stinky) this morning. Been sleeping all day. Then just took his pill again with liverwurst but not interested in kibble until I heated up a HOT DOG!!! and mixed it in his food. He ate everything and seems to be feeling a tiny bit better. He is a little stinker! But a cute one. Hate seeing him so low when he is usually bouncing off the walls. Maxine loved the hot dog too. She got some in her bowl too just for putting up with crap lately. She and Samantha are about ready to take off together just to get away from their younger siblings. BTW, Kramer takes his cancer pill tomorrow and I hope all goes well. It is a stronger one than the cytoxan and only has to take one instead of 5 pills for 5 days. We will see. Poor guy is trying.

  8. cranky said

    I started putting hot water on Nala and Samantha’s dry food which seemed to make it a little more tasty to them. Jessie could care less about the presentation — she’s all about vacuuming in as much as she can as quickly as she can. Nala took her medicine with peanut butter and Samantha came to love that too and would clean off the spoon afterwards. We all hope Kramer is feeling better and soon bouncing off the walls.

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