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Mandatory Cell Phones For College Students/Cell Phone Rant

Posted by bmac on November 27, 2007

 Constant GPS tracking of your kids. I read this wrong the first time, as if they were just gonna make every kid carry a cell phone, but they have to carry the schools cell phone.

My rant still stands though.

God I hate cell phones. I am so sick of listening to every jackoffs personal conversation at the bank, the grocery store, and the worst of all, at my business. I own a retail business, and every day, almost every customer of mine, gets a call in the middle of our transaction, and I have to stand there with my thumb up my ass until they finish bullshitting. It’s never a business call, or anything important, just the usual “Hey….Nothin’….. what are you doin?” For about five minutes, then finally, “Hey, let me call you back.” Gee thanks for ending your bullshit call after only wasting five minutes of my time.

People are generally rude enough as it is, but cell phones have added a whole new level of obnoxiousness to everyday life. Especially Bluetooths. Fricken Bluetooths. Nothing like getting the finger in your face, as you mistakenly think some jackass might actually be talking to you, instead of yapping about nothing into his ear-piece.


I was talking to another business owner, he owns a small fast food franchise, about 4 stores, and he won’t answer any calls from his managers, because instead of figuring anything out on their own, they’ll just call him 50 times a day, cause they can. For the most part, cell phones are a hindrance to business, not a help. Just ten years ago, the world actually functioned, the sun actually rose, things actually happened, without cell phones.

Don’t even get me started on texting.

2 Responses to “Mandatory Cell Phones For College Students/Cell Phone Rant”

  1. Enas Yorl said

    D00D! Check it! My new ring-tone is the Macarena!

  2. bmac said

    Awesome! Mine is Jeff Spiccoli saying “Those guys are fags!”

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