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NBC, Omaha Thanks You

Posted by bmac on December 6, 2007

Reports are still sketchy about the kid who shot up the mall in Omaha, but a picture is beginning to emerge:

Maruca said she found a suicide note left by Hawkins that said he would not be a burden on his family any more, and “now I’ll be famous.”

Last spring after the VT shootings, when NBC decided to air the “Promo Pack” they got from the shooter, it was obvious they were probably going to inspire copycats, and now it seems, we may have our first one.

The Omaha World-Herald reported that the gunman had a military-style haircut and a black backpack, and wore a camouflage vest.

A little different than the picture on Drudge. It seems this kid got his “look” together before he tried his hand at celebrity, possibly inspired by the VT shooter. I wonder if he mailed a promo pack to a media outlet? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Had NBC left it alone, and not aired what the VT shooter wanted them to, the image we have of him would be the dorky loser he was, instead of the image that it seems the kid in Omaha was going for.

Thanks to NBC’s decision to whore for ratings, I’d bet there’s quite a few angry, angst ridden, mentally unstable kids that want to “go out in style.”

I hope those ratings were worth it NBC.


5 Responses to “NBC, Omaha Thanks You”

  1. barrysrib said

    Since we’re on the local side of this (we live about 35 mile west of the mall and shop there often), I don’t really know what national tv has broadcast – well, okay I do know what Fox has said….

    OPD had a press conference today and released alot of information – including the names of the nine who died in this tragedy. There has been much locally about this kid, his lifestyle and his “issues”. Some people were on our local talk radio station today that had actually had this guy approach them to sell them narcotics, as well as threaten their lives. When the area police were told, they politely took the info and did nothing. Other kids (shooter’s freinds) have been interviewed and said what a great kid he was and how he “had a great heart.” Nice way of showing that, huh? These same friends have left voice messages to several peers from school saying they will kill them if they say anything bad about the shooter. Guess they’ve been commenting with threats on MySpace sites too.

    From what we are hearing, the nice little, close-knit, caring family he ended up staying with (when kicked out by his parents) are not exactly what was originally portrayed on the television either.

    I don’t guess we’ll ever really know the whole story. I don’t guess knowing the whole story would change anything anyway. Could this be where the expression “Hindsight is always 20/20” could have come from?

    Stupid Media!

  2. bmac said

    Good God! What the hell?
    If those kids left threatening voice messages, I certainly hope they’re arrested. Scary stuff…I have a feeling this story is gonna get a lot weirder, and the media will be right there to give other little freaks a template…

  3. barrysrib said

    Bmac – Just wanted to let you know they DID arrest the 17-year-old kid that made the voice mail threats. They arrested the “best friend” of shooter Robbie Hawkins yesterday afternoon on one count of terroristic threats.

    Guess this is how you use the media for justice. The police were inundated with phone calls from irate people after hearing the young lady that was threatened, and her father, tell their story on the local radio station.

    The media will remain stupid, we just need to get smarter!

    Hell in a handcart, dude – that’s where it’s all headed!

  4. bmac said

    Thanks Robin, I’m glad they arrested that kid.
    Yeah, hell in a handbasket, I was gonna post on the story about a woman that was beaten within an inch of her life on a city bus by 9 14-16 year olds.

  5. eddiebear said

    I just wish the Emo crowd would go back to making crappy art projects.

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