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Failing Upward In Hollywood

Posted by bmac on December 12, 2007

Most overpaid celebrities.

Number #1 most overpaid celeb? Nicole Kidman. Whose last four films have tanked. Not just tanked, but miserably, disastrously, lost more money than some countries entire GDP tanked. She still got 15 million for her latest train wreck “The Golden Compass.”

kidman.jpg   “I’m worth it!”

If anyone can guarantee box office poison, it’s Nicole Kidman, so why not give her 15 million dollars? Or make 20 anti-war movies that a mongoloid could predict would bomb? Or pay Al Franken for……anything.

Ok,  the Franken thing was kinda unrelated, but like Kidman, I doubt he’s ever generated a single dollar of  profit to anyone. And my use of the word “mongoloid” was meant in the nicest way possible, so no offense Franken fans.

One Response to “Failing Upward In Hollywood”

  1. eddiebear said

    My wife did like Moulin Rouge, but that was because of Ewan. Me, I was there for the popcorn.

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