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Girls Stupid Chinese Tattoo Means “Supermarket”

Posted by bmac on December 13, 2007

 She thought the Chinese characters spelled her boyfriends name.

You know what my top post in the short history of this blog is? A post called “Tattoo’s Are Cool,” which I think was my third or fourth post after starting this blog. It’s consistently in my top post category for some reason.  This story fits in with that post nicely.

dasbgcankfss2cazibzelca62el69capn6ypnca1hxpb0cax0fwgfcalmefyecacduuqvcaeu79h3can96g04ca13s9kjcadasfsicaxi7ndfcasnt9vjcaja5ffbcajadg1bcanjux4yca4dt6ev.jpg This one means “Change my diaper”

This girl made all the classic tattoo mistakes. Stupid trendy tattoo (Chinese characters), and boyfriends name. It was bound to fail. At least she didn’t get a tribal band.

Tattoo’s have lost all rebel cred. They have become a symbol of desperation. Desperation to be viewed as a rebel, desperation to find meaning in your life, desperation for un-earned attention, and in a funny twist, desperation to fit in. A tattoo ain’t gonna give you any of those things. They will however, provide me with a lot of free entertainment.

And BTW, I’m sure there are millions of idiots walking around with Chinese characters on their bodies that say stuff a lot worse than supermarket.


45 Responses to “Girls Stupid Chinese Tattoo Means “Supermarket””

  1. eddiebear said

    And just think how much money she spent. And why is it those who can least afford to spend money on tattoo are the ones who spend money on tattoos.

  2. bmac said

    Or, on the flip side, they spend too little. If you’re gonna get a tattoo and don’t spend at least a grand, you’re just messing around.
    Or you’re in jail.

  3. Enas Yorl said

    I’ve never really understood the popularity of tattoos. There’s one guy at the office who has a tattoo of Darth Vader and the Death Star on his arm. I don’t think he’ll like it as much when he’s 50 years old. Remember the days when the only people that had them were bikers and sailors?

  4. bmac said

    I miss those days Enas.
    A Darth Vader tattoo is fucking ridiculous, what is he, 12?

  5. Enas Yorl said

    lol, early 20’s. It’s as if these people think they’re going to be the same person with the same likes/dislikes all their lives. My grandfather who actually was in the navy during WWII had a tattoo. Some hula girl or something like that. It looked terrible, and he made it pretty plain that he regretted getting it. Turned me off the darn things forever. I’m kinda surprised people don’t do more things with temporary tattoos.

  6. bmac said

    Exactly why I never got one, I’m just not that into any one thing enough to indelibly attach it to my body.
    I totally understand military guys getting them in wartime, even if they’re ugly. Bonding thing.

  7. mesablue said

    I like my tat. Has some meaning for me.

  8. bmac said

    What is it mesa?
    BTW, I’m not anti-tattoo, just anti stupid or trendy tattoo.

  9. Enas Yorl said

    Mesa, if it’s barbed wire around your bicep I’m gonna make fun of you.

  10. please don’t say tramp stamp, please don’t say tramp stamp, please don’t say tramp stamp…

  11. The chinese ideogram (or whatever) reminded me of a story – probably bullshit – but good:

    A lady was shopping in a junk store in China and found a nice medallion. It was all decorated and had ideograms around the border and looked very nice.

    She wore it to a formal evening thing, and kept wondering why some of the other guests were giggling at her.

    She found out later that the medallion said (in Chinese), “Licensed prostitute of Shanghai.”

  12. joe said

    yeah there are some crazy mistakes when it comes to kanji tattoos. But, i gotta tell you you’ve got it wrong on this one. The one that you say says “This one means “Change my diaper”” does mean dragon!”

  13. Paul said

    I am a Chinese and the Chinese character means dragon, not “change my diaper”


  14. bmac said

    Hey Paul and Joe, it was a joke.
    I know that symbol doesn’t mean “change my diaper.”

  15. It means change my “adult” diaper, that’s where you went wrong Bmac.

  16. bmac said

    I always get those two confused.

  17. sdsd said

    chinese are pig, stupid,

  18. MCPO Airdale said

    I, along with the whole division, got tattooed in Spain in 82. No tribal stuff or Chinese stuff. . . Panthers with bloody claws, eagles with talons extended, stuff like that. I have no idea how much we drank that night but, I had no idea I had a tattoo until I went to scratch my leg the next day. . .OWW!

  19. The Snob said

    MCPO: If you are going to get a tattoo, then that sir is the only respectable way to go about it.

  20. Rmalph said

    Bmac sounds like a Fat Balding pansie afraid of needles….trying to sound cool and knowlegable on the web! DORK

  21. Jing Jing said

    I thought the symbol was “dragon” in traditional calligraphy.

  22. DANO said

    ummm actually that character that says it means “change my diaper” actually means dragon. but just make sure you check with an official traditional chinese reader before you get a tattoo

  23. […] Girls Stupid Chinese Tattoo Means “Supermarket” « A Fine Line … […]

  24. geomeeoo said

    i speak chinese… and can read it… i’m getting a chinese character tattoo tomorrow because i have lived in china for half my life… don’t get what your massive problem with tats are… and what if i get one.. that i’m sure is correct and that means something to me… just cos ppl have tats doesn’t mean you can judge them

  25. Ulurulu said

    geomeeoo: I agree. But having an awesome tattoo of Superman shooting terrorists while riding a polar bear is one thing. Having a tibal/trampstamp or some idiotic chinese tattoo, that you have no idea what actually means, is just lame and the person is tryin desperately to be sophisticated and cool, in other words: you become worthy of failblog.
    If you’re going to get a tattoo, come up with something new and awesome or ask the artist to do it, don’t pick something ordinary and shitty from a “book of tattoos”.

  26. gOLF ocALA said

    This is absolutely hilarious. Everybody wants to be different and cool these days with piercing and tatoos. Even grandma is getting into it along with her rap music video. They should just learn to golf ocala and relax a bit

  27. Suzanne said

    I currently have a chinese symbol tattoo on the nape of my neck. I`ve been told by different ppl it means different things. 1 says it means “2 like girls” & the other says it means “property of”. Either way I regret it, luckly it was free. Now I`m lookin 4 a great cover up tattoo but cant decide what 2 get. . . . Ppl please think b4 u ink!

  28. Ocala said

    Tattoos have a very long history in some polynesian cultures

  29. AFMotoX311 said

    As a few people said.. that actually means Dragon. And as someone who has spent over a year studying Chinese, and will use the language for my job in the future (Yeah, a white person speaking fluent Mandarin, Crazy!) it is pretty annoying to see people hate on Chinese tattoo’s. Some people actually can read the language and come up with their own tattoo which is correct. Its funny to see a tattoo that they have no idea what it means, but don’t just throw everyone into one group, some of us can actually understand it and not look like an idiot. I’m currently sitting with 4 tattoos, 3 of which are pretty big and I dont regret a single one. I’ve drawn 3 of the 4, and they all have specific meanings.

  30. BenJay said

    That tattoo of Superman riding a polar bear, while shooting terrorists sounds fucking incredible. I always wanted to get one of a gigantic eagle so large, the wingspan would cover my shoulders and arms, holding two american flags, over a spread of deadman’s hand, with a knife through a sacred heart. Just the most awesome, huge, disgusting blaring american ass thing imaginable. What do you think?

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  34. Anonymous said

    it means dragon

  35. idiot said

    Your analogy on tattoos is pitiful… I’m sure you think your so smart but you “Aint”.

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