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Worst Of 2007

Posted by bmac on December 28, 2007

Wow, where do I even start? 2007-The Garbage Year. Pop Culture, politics, music, movies, news…..all garbage. Tabloid journalism became the status quo, sending us to dizzying lows. A truly horrible year. First up:


For me, the worst political moment in a year full of worst political moments, was the amnesty fiasco. This had a profound impact on me, as I learned we no longer have conservatives in Washington, and that includes George Bush. I don’t care what you call it, that bill was amnesty and they all knew it, and if you support any kind of amnesty, you are not a conservative. Period.

I believe Tancredo was the only Republican to put his money where his mouth was on this thing, everybody else waited for an entire month as their servers spontaneously combusted, and their fax machines whirrred helplessly as they ran out of paper, before they reluctantly killed this piece of shit, proving to me that my elected representatives most certainly do not represent me or the vast majority of Republican voters, nor do they care to. Their elitist, arrogant attitudes toward Republican voters was literally shocking, and I for one, re-registered as an independent, and  have no plans to re-join the Republican party. I don’t know about you, but I won’t soon forget what I consider a betrayal of Republicans by the Republican Party, on the single most important issue facing this country today. These RINO’s have destroyed what little unity we had.

Oh, and then we had this piece of shit     craig_arrest_sff_ny116_20070828144008.jpg

Pop Culture-

Did you ever see the Mike Meyers movie “So I Married An Axe Murderer”? There’s a scene where his mother refers to the “Weekly World News” as “The paper.” Well, that’s where we are now. Tabloid news is the only news. I understand that we’ve always been more interested in exciting celebrity gossip than boring old world news, but damn, in 2007, we really reached 9th Circle of Hell levels of absurdity.

Thanks to this seemingly unquenchable thirst for everything salacious, reckless ignorant behavior has become a career move in Hollywood. A DUI and a stint in rehab is better than…Oh I don’t know…actually acting or singing or whatever the fuck you’re supposed to be good at.

lohanmug1.jpg    mbartonmug1.jpg  nicolerichiemug1.jpg   parismugshot1.jpg

Nice huh? Look at those smirks. They think this is hilarious, and you know what? It is, because every mugshot gaurantees an army of paparazzi chasing these ignorant bitches around, and they no longer have to show up at those pesky movie sets or TV shows for “work,” they can now have a full time career getting drunk and flashing their twats.

The media has become public enemy number one in this country by glamorizing every drunken pill-popping talentless piece of shit that is more than happy to make a spectacle of themselves while we keep coming back for more like pigs to a trough.

And it’s not only celebrities. NBC gets the nod for worst ratings whoring of the year when they decided to air the promo pack sent to them by the VT shooter, showing the deranged murderer in self-aggrandizing poses in the interest of “news.” Fuck you NBC, because I guarantee you right now, there’s some insane loser out there putting together his own promo pack, and figuring out how he’s gonna get more kills than the VT animal. When that happens, and it will happen, that blood will be on your hands NBC.

Do I even need to mention Anna Nicole? Like I said, garbage year.


This one’s easy. The slew of anti war movies that were doomed to fail. What’s striking to me, is that there were so many. I believe Hollywood knew these movies would tank, the real agenda here was an Oscar, and I bet at least one of these will win one, guaranteeing an anti-Bush, anti-war, tirade/Hillary campaign plug, that will be met with a standing ovation. You just watch.

Worst TV

With so much to choose from, there was a wealth of really bad TV, but I’m gonna go with the “music” networks, VH1, MTV, and Fuse.

VH1’s “dating” shows “I love New York” “Rock of Love w/Brett Michaels” and MTV’s bi-sexual Tila Tequila dating show brought reality TV to a slimy new low.

One of the most shocking things I saw was a show on Fuse called “Rad Girls.” Basically a female version of Jackass. Let me tell you what these pigs did, in case you have kids, and if you do, they probably watch Fuse, and you might like to know what they’re seeing.


In one episode, the girls “waxed” themselves on a car bumper. Let me paint the picture for you. One girl is standing there naked, as the other girls put wax on the bumper, then the naked chick sticks her crotch on the waxed bumper, as another peels out in the car, followed by a close up of the pubey wax on the bumper, as they are all laughing hysterically.


In another, they all stand naked in a bathroom using a clipper to shave their pubes, which they gather up and take to a burrito stand, and have the guy behind the counter put them in one of 3 burritos that they then eat until one of them gets the “tainted” burrito.

I’m not kidding or making this up, this is on basic cable folks. I’m not easily offended or shocked, and this offended and shocked the shit out of me, especially since the show is geared to young girls. This is the kind of “entertainment” we get when we glamorize the Paris Hiltons and Britney Spears of the world.

All in all, 2007 was one gigantic stinking turd of a year. 

 The Garbage Year.

I really hope 08 is better.

6 Responses to “Worst Of 2007”

  1. cranky said

    It is AMC or Turner Classic Movies for me most of the time. Football, NASCAR, and the Outdoor Channel otherwise. Hard to even watch the Weather Channel anymore since they’ve politicized ‘weather’ as climate change or global warming bullshit.

    Don’t even get me started on the cable news people. Have you heard I don’t care for Shepard Smith of Fox News? What a straw sucker he is.

  2. Rosetta said

    I thought Paris Hilton would win the Lifetime Achievement Award for being famous for absolutely no reason.

    And then Tila Tequila came along.

    Whenever I see her, for some reason I want to punch things.


  3. Enas Yorl said

    I really hope 08 is better.

    Probably not – but here’s to hoping! Have a happy New Year’s Bmac!

  4. bmac said

    Thanks Enas, Happy New Year to you!

  5. Here’s to a GREAT ’08!! Happy New Year, Bmac!!

  6. bmac said

    Thanks Robin, you too!

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