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Call Me Crazy……

Posted by bmac on January 4, 2008

You know what just boggles my mind?

It boggles my mind that the Democrats have handed Republicans a “gimme” in 08. For all their bluster and hyperbole, all the BDS, all the anti war, anti Republican rhetoric, they have thrown this election, like a boxer throwing a fight.

They did that by offering up completely un-electable candidates. Some people would say anythings possible. I say some things are impossible. It’s impossible for Hilary, Obama, or Edwards to be the next President of the United States. It’s as impossible as me growing a second head. It’s just not gonna happen, for reasons I’ve gone into on this blog many times.

I refuse to believe that Democratic strategists didn’t realize that fact. There’s idealism, and then there’s reality, and a lot of people get paid very well to deal in reality, so you can’t tell me the Dem strategists and advisors didn’t have major reservations about putting up a woman and a black man in a crucial election year, a year when they have control of the house. It just doesn’t make sense. Even a turd like John Kerry could wipe the floor with these candidates.

That is, unless they intended to lose all along. Which is the only conclusion I can come to, the only conclusion any reasonable person can come to. A Republican President in 08 guarantees four more years for Democrats to do what they do best, which is bitching, sniping, crying victim, and not having to actually do anything, or take any real responsibility. Skills they’ve come to rely on after eight years of Bush.

What has been the Republican response to such an obvious “freebie?” They’ve given us squishy  RINO’s. Why? Could it be there’s no Karl Roves out there that could see the opportunity that the Dems handed to them? Of any election year for Republicans to define their party and offer up what has been proven time and time again, what Americans want, a conservative Republican, they pick this year, a year that is a lock, to offer up the weakest Republicans we’ve seen in my lifetime. A chance to really further the Republican agenda with a strong leader has been squandered, practically given away by the base-splitting, flip flopping, insane, and nearly un-electable cultists we’ve been served up on a “Hey they have an R after their name, isn’t that good enough for you?” platform.

Candidates like Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo, actual Republicans, were jettisoned early on in favor of, and I use this term loosely, more “moderate” candidates. Clearly, this is the direction the party wishes to take.

I offer a quote from one of my favorite bloggers Mr. Stephen Browne:

How often have you, after examining the evidence reached a conclusion that was uncomfortable, unsettling or profoundly disturbing to you, i.e. reached a conclusion that you did not like?

He calls these unsettling conclusions “uncomfortable thoughts.” I’ve been having these uncomfortable thoughts about Republicans for four years now. Maybe I’m crazy, but it seems to me, Republicans have systematically been moving to the left. Spending, immigration, everything except Iraq and taxes, there is almost no line between the parties anymore, at least as far as I can see. Republicans have become Democrats that don’t say stupid things out loud.

My uncomfortable thought is that we’re slowly merging into a one party system. A system where the only significant difference between politicians is an R or D after their name. A system where ideologically, they have much more in common then not.

Are any Republicans excited about an election that’s in the bag? Not really. Why do you think that is? Could it be because our choices are limited to candidates that don’t really represent traditional Republican values? Of course it is. We’re all gonna be forced to cast a vote for a President based only on the fact he doesn’t have a D after his name.

At the end of the day, what’s the difference? A RINO or a Democrat are the same to me, and maybe that’s the idea.

9 Responses to “Call Me Crazy……”

  1. […] January 5, 2008 by cranky Republicans have become Democrats that don’t say stupid things out loud. […]

  2. cranky said

    bmac, I forgot to mention it but the other thing about Republicans being Democrats who don’t say stupid things out loud is that the Republicans still think the stupid things. We’ve got to change their thinking.

  3. nicedeb said

    Rinos are still better than the average Democrat. But we can do better.

  4. cranky said

    Hey! What time zone are we in anyway?

  5. bmac said

    I don’t know how to fix the timestamp on this blog! I can change the date, but not the time.
    And you’re right Cranky, Repubs are thinking like Dems.

    Deb, we can do better. Everyone keeps saying “There’s not gonna be another Reagan” but why not? I’m sure there’s one out there, but if we keep settling for psudo-Republicans, we’ll never find him.

  6. bmac is from The FUTURE!

  7. Bmac – to change the time on your posts…..

    Dashboard/options Under date and time it will show what UTC time is (which is what they run on … ever noticed that our stats reset at queer times?) Just beneath that is a box that allows you to + or – time from it. I’m in Nebraska, which is Central Standard Time, so I’m -6. So, when it’s 12 am their time, it’s 6 pm my time. My stats for the day reset at 6pm.

    As far as a candidates go, there is one thing that is a stablizer for both sides of the coin – and that is that none of them have the power to make change. And they all know it!! We have a three branch system that should work, but doesn’t because the founding fathers never considered that one branch might threaten to hold its breath until it turned blue!!

    Democrats see no better option than to talk big and whine bigger. In order to do that, Republicans have to continue to be in the Oval Office – that’s where they keep their scapegoat for the attonement!

    I’m not a big fan of Jesse “The Body” Ventura, but he does have one thing right… the government is supposed to be US – and until we get up in arms and get the government back to what it is supposed to be there will be no change!

    That’s my “Rebel Yell”!!!

  8. bmac said

    Robin, you hit the nail on the head. The only ones getting what they want are Republican and Democrat….politicians.
    The actual voters are having to vote on single issues only, and sacrificing all else.
    For example, we’ll get a Republican president, which is good for the WOT, but with the probable (any of the remaining) candidate, kiss the borders goodbye.
    All in all, it’s a lose lose for everybody, except of course politicians. Repubs will continue getting money from big business, and Dems will get to continue whining.

  9. Miss Informed said

    Boy! My ouiji board is better at predicting than you are….but you did get the type of repub candidate the people want correct!

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