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A Little Break From Politics…..

Posted by bmac on January 10, 2008

I was a total Prog-Rock Dork when I was younger, and I loved King Crimson, especially this version of King Crimson from 1981. On guitar and vocals, the amazing Adrian Belew, (also played with Zappa, and the Tom Tom Club) who throws down some wicked guitar histrionics in this clip, “Elephant Talk.” Adrian brilliantly utilizes every trick in the book, including the kitchen sink. He’s the one in the pink suit, keep an eye on him, he sneaks in a lot of cool stuff when you’re not looking.

On drums, one of my favorites, Bill Bruford, who most people know from Yes, but has played with just about every prog rock legend.  On bass (or in this case, the Chapman Stick) Tony Levin, another prog journeyman. And lastly, also on guitar, the super-precise, utterly soulless, machine-like stylings of  Robert Fripp.

May not be for the faint of heart, but if you like adventurous music, enjoy!

Actually, if you listen to the lyrics, they fit the current state of politics perfectly.

8 Responses to “A Little Break From Politics…..”

  1. pajama momma said

    I’m unfamiliar with the term prog-rock, but I like it. Their tunes are reminiscent of Talking House. Would they be considered prog-rock?

  2. bmac said

    Did you mean Talking Heads?
    And no, they wouldn’t be considered Prog-rock.
    Prog-Rock is stuff like Yes, really old Genesis, anything with a lot of unnecesary instrumentation, and/or pretentious lyrics about old English crap.

  3. pajama momma said

    um, yes, I’m trying wine and I usually drink beer but wine is what’s allowed on my new eating plan and I’m gonna have to say it’s hitting me. Talking heads………..I was thinking of their song Burning Down The House.
    I have Genesis’ A Trick of the Tail, does that count?
    I’m into old school punk and ska mostly. I love the Buzzcocks, The Specials and junk like that.

  4. bmac said

    Yeah, it does kinda sound like Talking Heads, now that you mention it.
    A Trick Of The Tail is totally prog. Right before Genesis started to really suck.
    I was never a huge fan of punk music, but I have an encyclapedic(?) knowladge of it. I devour rockumentaries, and there’s some really great punk documentaries. I just get bored with the actual music.

  5. pajama momma said

    I just get bored with the actual music

    I can totally understand how you would say that. The music stylings vary little.
    Lucky for me I enjoy a wide variety of music.

  6. mesablue said

    I am a HUGE crimson fan. Also like all of Belew’s and Fripp’s solo stuff.

    One highlight of the last few years is when Belew played a small local venue with his old band The Bears. I randomly got seated with his parents who live just down the road in Toledo.

    At the end of the night Adrian mentioned that he plays with “this little band you may have heard of” and goes on to say that The Bears used to cover them way back when.

    They then launched into a version of Red (my favorite Crimson song)that was a near religious experience. It was so loud that the manager of the bar was running around trying to figure out how to kill the power.


  7. mesablue said

    Also, I’ve seen Crimson play Red several times. Just never this loud and with as much power. It was very cool. Everyone just sort of looked at each other when it was over and smiled.

  8. bmac said

    That’s one of the advantages of being a fan of music that’s not too popular, you get to see the artists you like up close and personal in small venues.
    Never got to see Crimson, or Belew, but I think Adrian is one of the most original and innovative guitarists, ever. He was a perfect fit for Crimson. The Yin to Fripps Yang.

    That show sounds friggen awesome, I’m jealous.

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