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Hillary On Illegals-Like Guacomole On A Chip

Posted by bmac on January 12, 2008

Hillary is campaigning in my home city of Las Vegas this week in preparation of the Nevada caucus. What’s always amusing to me, is most of these jackasses come here and mis-pronounce Nevada. The proper pronounciation is long A’s, like ant. Not like August. They always screw that up.

Anyhoo, Hillary dropped a couple doozies, I’d like to share with you. She went straight for one of the Hispanic neighborhoods, to begin her pander-a-thon, and we got this brilliant sound-bite:

A man shouted through an opening in the wall that his wife was illegal.

“No woman is illegal,” Clinton said, to cheers.

The “opening in the wall” thing is because they were in a Mexican restaurant.

 So now we know Clintons position on immigration: All women here illegally get instant citizenship. They seemed to like that answer. Isn’t it nice that someone can shout out to a Presidential candidate and a ton of media that his wife is breaking the law? How about “My wife is collecting disability, and she’s fine!” Or “I sell crack!”

She then went on to address the “unscrupulous” lending crisis, in which people are not responsible for buying homes they can’t even begin to afford.

Clinton said unscrupulous lending leads to bad mortgages, which lead to foreclosures, which lead to people with nowhere to go and vacant neighborhoods that can go rapidly downhill.

“We treat these problems as if one is guacamole and one is chips, when … they both go together,” she said.

Oh man, could she possibly be more condescending? It doesn’t even make sense! She might as well have said something like: “It’s like a burrito, there’s many layers, but they all taste good once they’re wrapped in a delicious hand-made flour tortilla.” Or: “We treat these problems as if they’re a Low-Rider without hydrolics.” I’m surprised she didn’t call everybody “homes.”

The only good thing here? Most of the people she spoke with, won’t even vote.

Here’s the story.

6 Responses to “Hillary On Illegals-Like Guacomole On A Chip”

  1. pajama momma said

    We treat these problems as if one is guacamole and one is chips, when … they both go together,” she said

    She’s so racist. It’s obvious she’s implying it’s all the Mexicans that are foreclosing on their homes.

  2. bmac said

    And they love her for it.
    Because “No woman is illegal.”

  3. nicedeb said

    “No women are illegal” tee-shirts coming soon at Nice Deb.

  4. cranky said

    But Hillary is like stink on shit.

  5. Rosetta said

    I’m surprised she didn’t call everybody “homes.”

    I heard she threw an MS-13 gang sign as she left the restaurant to show that she’s down with the brown, Ese’.

  6. bmac said

    Rosetta, I was hoping someone got that!
    Thanks Vato!

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