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American Idol Losing Viewers

Posted by bmac on January 16, 2008

I like American Idol, been watching it from the start. I actually think it’s one of the most wholesome shows out there, that a family can watch together. I like the judges, I even like Ryan Seacrest. In fact, I would even say it frequently espouses conservative values. Most of the contestants confess a belief in God, or outright proclaim their Christianity in their taped segments.

The massive popularity of this show tells me that, contrary to popular belief, Americans want, and will support, wholesome, positive  programming. The popularity of Simon Cowell tells me Americans also appreciate non-politically correct honesty. Hollywood must hate this show.

That being said, it’s getting boring. Especially the first two full weeks of retarded auditions. Some fat hairy guy in a bikini that doesn’t even sing  just ain’t exactly hilarious anymore, especially with the new “nice” Simon Cowell, and I got YouTube now if I want to see people do stupid shit.

You know what else I’m getting tired of? Contestants that are “Doing this for their sick kid” or “Doing this for their sick mom.”  No you’re not, you’re doing it for yourself you self-centered asshole. Go get a memorial tattoo.

No show can sustain the kind of hysteria American Idol has for long, and the contestants are now obviously wise as how to “work” this show, so I’m not surprised at the loss of viewers.

But I still like it.

One Response to “American Idol Losing Viewers”

  1. nicedeb said

    Well, the primaries is sort of like, “American Idol” for political junkies.

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