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Another Celebtrity Is Killing Herself…….Yawn……

Posted by bmac on January 22, 2008

Amy Winehouse was filmed smoking crack, and we should all be alarmed….or something. This stuff is really getting tired. If she wants to kill herself, can’t she do it in private, like rock stars used to do?


This is exactly why Rock n Roll is dead. All the mystery is gone. Hell, when I was a teenager, I didn’t even know what the dudes in Pink Floyd looked like, let alone what their politics were, or what they ate for breakfast, or where they hung out. The music did the talking, and it still is. Not knowing a bunch of superfluous details made them more interesting.

Can you imagine Jim Morrison chatting online with every drooling moron who wanted to talk to him on MySpace? How about Jimmy Page blogging the notorious Shark Incident? The stuff those guys did was legendary precisely because we didn’t have video of thier antics. Rock stars in those days had very strict control of their public persona’s, for the exact purpose of retaining mystery. For example, you never saw a picture of Robert Plant doing something mundane, like eating a cheeseburger, it was better if you just assumed he ate the hearts of sacrificed babies. 


That kind of secrecy made the music all that much better, and left it open to all sorts of interpretations, and the fact that the music from those days lives on 30 years later is testament to how powerful a little mystery is. In 30 years nobody is gonna give a damn about Amy Winehouse, or her music, or just about any artist today that we know way too much about.

8 Responses to “Another Celebtrity Is Killing Herself…….Yawn……”

  1. eddiebear said

    The stories of The Who and their parties are way better than these rummies today.

  2. bmac said

    There were chunks of people like Amy Winehouse in Kieth Moon’s stool.

  3. pajama momma said

    This is exactly how I feel about actors as well. *sigh* GET OUT OF MY FACE!

  4. pajama momma said

    Well doesn’t this post have interesting timing considering Heath Ledger and all?

  5. bmac said

    Why, did something happen to Heath Ledger?

    Just kidding.

  6. pajama momma said

    Why, did something happen to Heath Ledger?

    *protects bmac because of his love for Brokeback Mountain*

    Oh nothing, *whistles* nothing at all.

  7. bmac said

    * dropping to my knees, preferably in the rain, raising upturned hands to the sky*

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Not Heath!!! Anybody but Heath!!!!!!

  8. nicedeb said

    That woman is missing a tooth? What the hell is wrong with her?!

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